A Walk in the Snow, Chicago

By now, you may have caught on to the idea that Kyle and I love winter, a snowy winter that is. Unlike some people who contemplate leaving Chicago because of its weather, we were looking forward to moving here, hoping for many snowy winter months. The last two winters were rather mild and quite disappointing on the snow-front. Things are looking up though right now! We were hit by a snowstorm at the end of last week which was cause for some to take a snow-day, aka work from home. I didn’t truly believe it would happen until I woke up to 30cm of fresh powder!


Excited as a puppy about how the city was turned into a snowy fairy tale, I couldn’t wait to put on my boots and go for a walk. I decided to ignore the weather app warnings and wear my pretty A-line coat from Ever New (check out some of the most beautiful A-line coats here) instead of my clunky but properly warm Fjiallraven I’m wearing in this post. Bundled up in my favorite blanket scarf this season from Zara and the surprisingly warm over-knees (currently on sale!), we were off to the lake…



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Where we found what I had been looking for: tons of untouched snow and amazing views of the snowy Chicago skyline!

A walk along the snow covered lakeshore in Aldo over the knee boots, black a-line jacket, and cute Aldo purse with the Chicago skyline in the background.



The entire lakeshore was frozen and snow covered, providing spectacular sights which Kyle managed to capture.


While I was trying to capture him taking pictures of everything.


We played around in the snow for a while, making snow angels and having snowball fights, until the cold got the best of us.


Exhausted and by now freezing cold, we took a last look back at the view and headed to a café to warm up with a well-deserved cup of hot chocolate.

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