Travel Tips


Travel Tips

What Are the Best Travel Hacks?


Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life but many dread the journey as it often involves tight seats on long-haul flights, over crowded airports, expensive airport food, and large expenses.

It doesn't have to be that way! Here are the best travel tips to use on your next trip so that your journey is just as incredible as the destination!

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  1. Always know where you are. Download Google Maps to use offline by typing "ok map" into the Google Maps app and select the area you want to download.
  2. Never run out of battery! Bring a portable charger with you so your phone never runs out of battery. (This Anker Portable Charger is my favorite as it charges my phone up to 4 times.) Most planes also have in-seat USB ports so you can charge your phone during the flight.
  3. Bring a re-usable bag! Because you will always need one exactly when you don't have it. It also comes in super handy if you are trying to only have a few items under the seat on the plane rather than the full backpack.
  4. Bring your own silk eye-mask, earplugs, and sleep-inducing lavender spray to help you sleep everywhere.
  5. Put lavender sachets between your clothes in your suitcase so they always smell fresh.
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Best Travel Tips for Your Next Flight


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Most people dislike air travel and the busy airports and confined space on the plane causes anxiety! Here are our best travel tips to make your next flight more comfortable.

  1. Stay hydrated! Bring an empty water bottle to the airport and fill it up at one of the fountains after security. This way you have enough water for the flight and don't have to spend $5 for a bottle.
  2. Reserve a window or aisle seat in advance. You will have a lot more space and will be more comfortable throughout the flight.
  3. Bring your own noise-cancelling headphones. We use the Bose noise-cancelling headphones and they are a life-saver! It's the best way to fly in peace and quiet and get rid of the loud engine noise.
  4. If you have any dietary restrictions, order your specialty meal in advance when you book your flight. You can order it directly on the airline's website usually at no additional cost.
  5. Bring your own travel pillow! Especially on long-haul flight, having your own travel pillow makes a huge difference to get some sleep!

Best Travel Tips to Save Money


The cost of travel can be limitless and to many, it is simply not possible to travel as much as they would like. However, there are some simple travel tips to save money so you can travel more for less!

  1. Sign up for a travel credit card for added benefits, accumulate points to travel even more, and no foreign transaction fees. Our long-time favorite is the American Express Gold Rewards which earns bonus points on travel categories, dining and grocery stores, and offers airline fee credit and dining credits.
  2. Chase the deals, not the destination! Book your trips to whatever destination is cheaper, rather than having a set destination in mind.
  3. Travel off-season! Most flights and hotels are much cheaper during the shoulder season and as an added bonus, you will encounter less tourists on your trip!
  4. Scout happy hour deals and save money on food and drinks when you're exploring the world.
  5. Think about staying at AirBnBs rather than hotels. They are oftentimes just as nice but will cost much less!


For more tips on how to save money on your next trip, sign up for our top Money Saving Travel Tips!

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