Ultimate Therme Bucharest Spa Guide and Review

Last Updated on October 16, 2023

If you’re planning a trip to Romania and want a day to relax and unwind, you cannot miss Therme Bucharest. Therme Bucharest (also known as Therme Bucuresti in Romanian) is a luxurious health and wellness center that’s the largest in all of Europe. This beautiful spa is also home to Romania’s largest botanical garden and Europe’s largest urban beach! Therme Bucharest is a destination in and of itself and is highly worth experiencing. After spending two days at Therme Bucharest, we’re ready to share an Ultimate Therme Bucharest Spa Guide and Review to help you plan a visit.

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Therme Bucharest Spa Guide: How to Plan Your Visit

This in-depth Therme Bucharest spa guide and review will tell you everything you need to know before visiting. From what to expect before you go, to must-have essentials and details of all the amenities, we’ve got you covered!

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Arrival and Parking

You can easily drive to Therme Spa Bucharest if you’ll be renting a car during your time in Romania. The spa offers a large, free parking lot where you can safely leave your car as you enjoy the amenities.

Planning to visit Therme Bucharest right after landing in Romania (or right before flying home)? The spa is a great way to relax after a long flight and is located just a short drive from Bucahrest’s Henri Coanda International Airport. We recommend using a rideshare service like Uber for transportation between the spa and airport as it is familiar, inexpensive, and easy to use. Given the affordability of Bucharest, a private transfer is also a great option for many travelers for the ease of having someone waiting specifically for you upon arrival.

Therme Bucuresti Outside Entrance

From downtown Bucharest, you can easily hop on a bus that will take you directly to Therme Bucharest. This public transportation option is completely free and available seven days a week. The bus stop is located at the top of the roundabout at Piata Romana and will drop you off right outside the spa’s main entrance.

Entrance Fee to Therme Bucharest

Therme Bucharest ticket prices vary depending on what areas of the spa you want to explore. All of the ticket packages offer discounts for kids 14 and under, seniors, and students, which is helpful for families traveling to Bucharest.

Therme Bucuresti Entrance Tickets

The cheapest option at Therme Bucharest is the Galaxy package, which gives you access to a family-friendly area with slides, saunas, pools, and more. Galaxy tickets range in price from 56 RON (about $12 USD) to 101 RON ($22 USD) depending on the day of the week and length of your visit.

The next tier of tickets is The Palm, which includes all of the Galaxy amenities, plus different healing mineral pools and an huge outdoor beach area. You can expect to pay anywhere from 74 RON ($16 USD) to 134 RON ($29 USD) for a Palm ticket package.

If you want to enjoy everything that Therme Bucharest has to offer, check out the Elysium ticket package. This top-tier ticket starts at 95 RON ($21 USD), with the most expensive option priced at a very reasonable 160 RON ($35 USD).

Therme Bucharest also offers some special deals if you opt to visit the spa Monday through Friday before 11:30 AM. Since the center opens at 9:00 AM every day of the week, this gives you plenty of time to enjoy some of the top amenities at a discounted rate. Read on for an explanation of all the areas.

What to Bring to Therme Bucharest

There are a few key essentials you’ll want to bring when you visit Therme Bucharest. The first is, of course, a swimsuit! Swimwear is mandatory in all areas of the spa. Therme Bucharest does have a shop where you can purchase adult and child swimsuits if you happen to forget yours.

Next, make sure to pack a pair of flip flops or swim shoes. Waterproof footwear you can easily slip on and off is super handy, and highly recommended as you’re walking throughout the spa and checking out the different areas. The Therme shop also sells beach slippers and flippers.

A towel is another important item you’ll need during your day at Therme Spa Bucharest. If you forget your beach towel, don’t worry—you can rent towels from the Therme Bucharest shop.

That’s all you really need to enjoy Therme Bucharest, but you can also bring fun accessories like goggles and small pool toys. The Therme shop also offers bathrobe rentals which is a nice, luxurious touch.

Therme Bucharest Lockers
Therme Bucharest Changing Rooms

Therme Bucharest offers personal lockers to all guests included in your ticket where you can stow valuables like purses, wallets, and keys. The spa also has a special luggage room for those traveling directly to or from the airport so you can easily store bulky suitcases and bags.

What is There to Do at Therme Bucharest?

The real question is, what isn’t there to do at Therme Bucharest? The Therme Bucharest spa has four main areas to explore: Galaxy, The Palm, Elysium, and The Sands of Therme. Each offers access to a unique variety of attractions and amenities.


The Galaxy is the most kid-friendly area at Therme Bucharest, known for its fun waterslides and rides that the whole family will enjoy. This area boasts the longest indoor waterslide area in Europe—there are 16 different rides of varying intensity for kids of all ages. Whether you prefer a relaxed wave pool experience or thrilling waterslide, the Galaxy has it all.

Some of the highlights at the Galaxy include the Andromeda Slide, which takes you through colored tunnels of LED lights, and the seasonal Sky River Slide that’s designed atop the roof of Therme Bucharest! This area is generally the busiest as it is the included in all tickets, and is the only area where children are allowed. Be aware that it can get very busy, especially on weekends.

Water Slides Therme Bucharest Wave Pool

The Palm

The Palm is Therme Bucharest’s most popular and famous area—it consists of a large pool with a swim-up bar surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants. The setting is so relaxing and peaceful, you’ll be instantly transported to paradise! Other amenities throughout The Palm include three themed mineral pools, massage beds, and an impressive number of lounge chairs scattered throughout the palm trees. The Palm can also be quite busy, but it is large so you shouldn’t have any problem experiencing all of the pools and finding a lounger to relax on.

The Palm Therme Bucharest Famous View
The Palm Lounge Area Therme Bucharest

At Therme Bucharest you have so many different wellness options to choose from, that it easily takes an entire day to experience them all. Many of the steam rooms have a program schedule, where unique wellness experiences happen throughout the day, such as a Salt Ritual, or Foam Ritual.

Mineral Bath Therme Bucharest
Rainforest Steam Room Therme Bucharest


Elysium is the main wellness area of Therme Bucharest, with several saunas that range in intensity and heat. One incredibly unique feature of Elysium is a cinema sauna where you can detox while watching some of the latest documentaries. Throughout Elysium, you’ll also find infrared therapy beds, a small pool with a swim-up bar, and stunning views of The Palm from a level above. Bonus amenities that Elysium offers include reasonably priced massages, facials, and other spa services. It’s highly recommended to include a massage or facial in your overall experience at the spa.

Infrared Sauna Beds Therme Bucharest
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Hollywood Sauna Therme Bucharest
The Palm Therme Bucharest

The Sands of Therme

The last main area of Therme Bucharest is The Sands of Therme, a unique attraction that’s the largest urban beach in Europe! The manmade beach holds a whopping 30,000+ sq m (320,000+ sq ft) of sand! At The Sands of Therme, you can enjoy a large outdoor pool with a swim-up bar (as well as several other bars) surrounded by palm trees that will truly make you feel like you are somewhere tropical. In addition there are sand volleyball courts and truly tons of hammocks and lounge chairs to relax on.

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Therme Bucharest gin bar
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Eating and Drinking Options at Therme Bucharest

You can spend a full day at Therme Bucharest without going hungry thanks to the spa’s incredible eating and dining options. Note that the whole spa is cashless—you’ll receive an electronic wristband upon entry that you use throughout your visit to open personal lockers and pay for snacks.

Outdoor Pool Ice Cream Therme Bucharest

The flagship restaurant at Therme Bucharest is The Mango Tree, an upscale dining area full of exotic plants that also boasts a large rooftop terrace area. This restaurant offers a delicious Thai fusion menu with many unique and flavorful dishes. We had a great dinner here at sunset, and really enjoyed the cocktails and Thai curry’s that they offered.

Mango Tree Restaurant Terrace Therme Bucharest
Mango Tree Restaurant Dining Therme Bucharest
Food at Therme Bucharest Mango Tree

On the ground level of Therme Bucharest, you’ll find two cafeteria-style eating options and a casual café. We recommend these dining areas for something quick and budget-friendly that’ll satisfy the whole family. There are typical cafeteria-style foods, but also plenty of other unique meals.

Humboldt Restaurant Therme Bucharest

Regardless of where you decide to dine at Therme Bucharest, you’re guaranteed a tasty meal that will keep you happy and satisfied during your visit. We were impressed by the wide selection of food available at the spa and how well-made it was. You could try a new restaurant at the spa every time and never get tired of the delicious food!

Where to Stay Near Therme Bucharest

Given Therme Bucharest’s convenient location near Henri Coanda International Airport, it’s easy to make the spa the first or last stop on your Romania trip. Considering the wellness center can also hold onto luggage during your visit, you can also travel between the spa and airport.

Garden Therme Bucharest

If you’d like to stay near Therme Bucharest and the local airport, we recommend the Hilton Garden Inn Bucharest Airport. This new and modern hotel is reasonably priced, and the accommodations are comfortable.

Prefer to splurge a bit and stay in the heart of Bucharest? Fortunately, Bucharest has very affordable hotel prices so evening something like staying at the luxury Mansion Boutique Hotel in the heart of downtown is affordable for many.

Kids Activities at Therme Bucharest

Therme Bucharest offers a large area dedicated to families and children. Kid-specific attractions at the spa include water and beach playgrounds and a variety of rides like the Saturn Slide and Jupiter Slide. These areas are a great option for families since kids won’t be interested in the spa’s health and wellness activities. Everyone from young children to parents will love visiting Therme Bucharest!

Therme Bucharest Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some lingering questions after reading our Therme Bucharest review, these frequently asked questions can help provide some more insight into what to expect.

How Much Does Therme Bucharest Cost?

Therme Bucharest tickets range in price from 56 RON ($12 USD) to 160 RON ($35 USD). These prices are very affordable considering all the amenities you’ll get access to. You can also enjoy special discounts and deals depending on when you visit and if you have children and/or seniors in your group.

What is the Famous Spa in Romania?

Therme Bucuresti is the famous spa in Romania—it’s well-known throughout Europe for its large size and endless attractions.

Can You Drink at Therme Bucharest?

Yes, Therme Bucharest offers swim-up bars in all of the major pool areas (other than the wave pool). Simply swim to the counter, order your preferred drink, and tap your wristband to pay! Therme Bucharest also sells a variety of non-alcoholic and wellness drinks.

Why Should I Go to Therme Bucharest?

We think you should visit Therme Bucharest because the spa has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that makes every guest feel included. None of the staff or fellow patrons will make you feel judged, and the overall vibe is very laidback. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcome at Therme Bucharest, so everyone can enjoy the relaxing spa amenities and fun attractions.

How Far is Therme Bucharest from the Bucharest City Center?

Therme Bucharest is located 23 km (14 miles) north of the Bucharest city center. It will take you about 30 minutes to travel by car from downtown Bucharest to the spa.

What are the Age Restrictions at Therme Bucharest?

Children of all ages can enjoy the family-friendly Galaxy area at Therme Bucharest. Kids over the age of three are not allowed in The Palm because this area is intended for quiet and relaxation. Both areas require waterproof diapers for kids three and under—you can bring your own or purchase some at the Therme shop.

Lounge Area Therme Bucharest
Indoor Pool Bar Therme Bucharest
Therme Bucuresti at Night

Ultimate Therme Bucharest Spa Guide and Review Summary

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this Ultimate Guide to Therme Bucharest and feel inspired to plan a visit next time you’re in Romania. We loved our time at Therme Bucharest and highly recommend visiting this expansive health and wellness center. You could spend hours at Therme Bucharest and still not experience everything the spa has to offer. This is one of the top kid-friendly Bucharest destinations, making it a great pick for solo travelers, couples, families, and everyone in between. Drop us a comment if you’ve been to Therme Bucharest or plan to visit!

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