How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level With Style Collective

In two short months, Kyle and I have officially been blogging for a year and I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. We have met some incredible people along the way and have been to amazing places. But most importantly, we were able to share this journey with you! We wouldn't be here without you and we hope to be able to inspire you to take that next trip you were planning for so long, explore new cultures, and take fashion around the globe! Your support means the world to us which is why I want to share some of my favorite bloggers with you and the reason why we met: Style Collective.


How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level With Style Collective


What is Style Collective?


Style Collective is a community of bloggers and #bossbabes, founded by Annie Spano. Annieโ€™s goal was to create a community for go-getters in the blogging industry who support one another, teach each other the ins and outs of the industry, and eventually even become friends.ย  I joined Style Collective a few months ago looking for exactly that: a community of #bossbabes who I could connect with and who all have the blogging industry in common. Little did I know that I would find so much more than that: Style Collective helped me take our blog to the next level and I have been able to connect with some amazing women.


How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level With Style Collective


How Style Collective Helped Me Take Our Blog to the Next Level


After signing up for their membership program, I dove into their online resources and learned an incredible amount about the blogging industry. From how to find and communicate my mission, pitch to brands, calculate the value of blog and Instagram posts (yes, I was surprised to hear how much Instagram posts can be worth),ย and how to successfully work with brands (check out our collaborations with JORD and SomSleep), you can learn everything with their e-books.


How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level With Style Collective


One of my favorite tools available online, is their brand directory which includes contact information of companies who are looking to work with bloggers. Having this information compiled in one place helps facilitate collaborations and partnerships, and build valuable business relations.


Meeting Annie Spano - The Founder of Style Collective


But Style Collective is more than just an online resource. Annie goes out of her way to connect with #scsisters and build a sense of community. She makes time to respond to individual inquiries, to meet with Style Collective members (yes, I met her in person and she is even sweeter than she is on social media), and has helped me host my first Style Collective get-together.


The Style Collective Community


Annie is not just an inspiration from a business persective, she is also the reason why I have met some incredible bloggers all across the country. Not only are they successful bloggers, they also all have full-time jobs, family, and support people who are just starting out. How they manage to fit their busy lives into 24-hour days is beyond me.

Let me introduce you to 7 of my favorite #SCmembers who support me every day. I hope they inspire you just as much as they inspire me.


  • Renata from Urban Girl Goes Beach Mom is a fashion, beauty, and mom blogger and has two adorable kids. She inspires other moms (and non-moms like me) to be in style. I love her casual chic style and herย 5 minuteย makeup looks she creates every Monday morning on Instagram live. If you're only remotely as busy as she is, check out her quick and easy makeup tutorials! You can read her blogย hereย and follow her on Instagramย here.


How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level With Style Collective


  • Lisa from Trendless Blog works full time, is a dog mom, and is enriching the blogging world with her casual and affordable style stories. I met Lisa in person and she is incredibly sweet, smart, and so knowledgeable about any good sale must-haves. You can't miss herย blogย and have to check out her Instagramย here.


  • Kirsten from Diary of a Dirty Blonde is living the jet-setter life every girl dreams of. As a consultant by day, she travels around the US all week long and inspires me with her cool style and travel adventures as a blogger at night. Kirsten won me in a heartbeat with her funny and cute Instagram stories which I'm sure you would enjoy as well. Read her latest travel adventuresย hereย and follow her on Instagramย here.


How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level With Style Collective


  • Kaitlin from Exquisitely Average is a lifestyle blogger, works full time as a pediatric occupational therapist, and makes me laugh with her Instagram stories every single day. With her fascinating Trader Joes recipes, her cute and feminine style, and her adorable cat - she is far from average but every bit as exquisite as you would imagine. Her latest Trader Joes finds are on the blogย hereย and I know you can't resist to check out her Instagramย here.


  • Gargi from Chai Time Daily works full time, is a mom, and in her spare time (I can't believe she even has any) provides the perfect reading material for your daily chai time. I love her boho-chic style and can't get enough of her stories about her boy, her puppy, or her life in general. She is an amazingly sweet person and Iย enjoy spending time with her - also offline. Do you have a tea time coming up and need something to read? Herย blogย is perfect and for a short break, I can highly recommend herย Instagram.


How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level With Style Collective


  • Katie fromย Lifestyle by Katieย is a Chicago-based lifestyle blogger when she's not busy with her full-time job. She won me over instantly with her love for fashion and her adorable personality. Only Katie knows how to turn a canceled trip into a breathtaking domestic getaway and smile her way through the week. You can visit her blogย hereย and should follow her fall adventures on Instagramย here.


  • Jenny from Her Best Always is the go-getter I dream of being. She's an attorney (and we all know how much attorneys work), a dog mom, and an inspiring fashion blogger who blogs about every day casual and work wear. She inspires me with her warm personality and her feminine corporate fashion to be my best every day. If you work in the corporate world and need some fashion inspiration, there is no better place than Jenny'sย blogย or her Instagram.


How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level With Style Collective


In just a few months, I was able to build a network of amazing #bossbabes and make what I hope are lifelong connections. If you are a blogger and looking to join a community of amazing women who with the same hopes and dreams, the same daily struggles, and always willing to help you out, Style Collective is perfect for you! Sign up here and let me know you joined!


Have any questions about the membership? Let me know in the comments below.




  1. I love Style Collective too, such a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

    • I’m so glad you like them as well, Vesna. They have connected me with so many great people and are the perfect community to start off in the blogging world!


  2. Love this! Such a great compilation!! This journey has been amazing and meeting you has been such a pleasure!

  3. I absolutely love SC! It’s the one place where everyone is so kind and supportive, even in such a ruthless and competitive industry. It’s my safe space!

  4. HOw can I join? Is it jsut for fashion? Also, obsessed with your assym blue ruffle skirt up there! I wonder if I could make that!

    • Hi Katie! Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! No, Style Collective is not just for fashion. It’s a community of female bloggers and any bloggers can join. The girls I met are all amazing and extremely supportive! I added a sign-up link in the blog post above and will send it to you via email also.

      The skirt is from H&M and I found it on sale in August for below $20. It’s one of my favorites!


  5. What an amazing message and display of the support that the SC sisterhood has! I am a new member and I am so excited to be apart of such an amazing educated and supportive group of women and boss babes!!

  6. Hi Bettina! Thank you for that post! I am ready to jump in and start my blog! I feel behind, but thatโ€™s ok! I really need that creative outlet and a little space to hopefully inspire and empower other women. I also look forward to being able to ding a tribe of like minded women! Iโ€™m really excited, a little fearful, of this next little journey in my life! Any tips for a newby? Thanks Bettina

    • Hi Megan,

      Thank you for reaching out! Feeling behind is very normal in this industry, at least for me. There are always so many things you could do and I have too many ideas but not enough time to do it all. That being said, it’s such a great creative outlet!

      My best tips are:
      1. Just do it. You’ll never be 100% ready and you will learn so much right away, it’s worth jumping into.
      2. Connect with other bloggers in your area. It’s so helpful to have a support team who knows what you’re going through.
      3. When it comes to social media, it can all be overwhelming. Try to focus on one platform and once you feel like you know the drill, add another one to the mix. I tried everything at once and quickly overwhelmed myself.
      4. Most important tip: create content ahead of time. Life can get really busy and having a few blog posts ready to go for the next weeks can make all the difference. Scheduling your content is the single most important tip!

      I hope these were helpful. If you have any questions at all, feel free to send me an email or reach out on Instagram. I’m always happy to answer questions!


  7. I love this!! Style Collective is such a great resource. Thank you for sharing your experience!


  8. Style Collective is such a great resource. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I’m loving it!

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