St. Patrick’s Day, Chicago

If you're planning a trip to Chicago in the future and don't mind the cold March weather, we should let you in on one of Chicago's best party traditions: St. Patrick's Day.

This year marks the first year of us being in town for St. Patrick's Day and since Chicago's celebration of the feast of St. Patrick is often rated as one of the best (or greenest) in the world (check out this article), we couldn't pass up on the opportunity to roam the streets and watch the river dyeing. 

We started the day early, hoping to beat the crowds, which was exactly what thousands of other people had planned to do as well. We walked towards the Chicago River and didn't expect much. Let's be honest, almost all pictures you see online are edited and I was certain, so was the green in the green river pictures. I was wrong! And how wrong I was! There it was, a body of water as green as a neon green highlighter, spanning the entire block between State Street and Michigan Avenue.


Chicago Fire Department on the green Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day


Fighting through the crowds, we managed to get to the top of Irv Kupcinet Bridge, or Wabash Avenue bridge, to take some pictures of the spectacular view. 


Yellow Chicago Water Taxi on the green Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day


Kyle in front of the green Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day


Of course, we were doing our best to fit in and wore a lot of green. I was particularly happy to be able to use my green summer purse on a Chicago winter day.


Bettina and Kyle in front of the green Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day


Bettina in front of the green Chicago River on St. Patrick's Day carrying a green purse


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After a while, the cold started to get to us and we decided to warm up with some matcha latte and green icing cupcake at Goddess and the Baker.  It's a very cute cafe with delicious baked goods, all decorated for the festivities. 


Neon sign eat now caffeinate at Goddess and the Baker


Colourful bird wallpaper at Goddess and the Baker


Assortment of Sweets at Goddess and the Baker


Delicious Goddess and the Baker Cupcake with green St. Patrick's Day Decoration


Full disclosure, there may also have been some of their famous rainbow cake.


Rainbow cake at Goddess and the Baker


Happy to have escaped the crowds, we happily sipped on our teas while catching up with friends and watching the party from our cozy and warm seats.


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