Snorkeling with Captain Marvins

We usually like to experience the local culture of a new place by venturing off the beaten track, eating where the locals eat, and doing what the locals do.  We generally try to avoid the tourist traps, however, this time we decided to join the crowds of sun-seeking vacationers and go on a snorkeling tour, which turned out to be a fantastic idea. Captain Marvins was highly recommended to us as the best way to see Stingray City on Grand Cayman. Wanting to maximize our snorkeling time, we booked the three stop snorkeling tour which includes two different reefs. After finally finding the right check-in location (I once again didn’t read the fine print and location details correctly), we were off to make friends with the local stingrays and friendly fish.

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After a beautiful boat ride through the bay and out to the sandbars and reefs of North Sound, we first stopped at Stingray City where we got to feed, pet, and kiss these not-actually-so-scary rays.

Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 11

The water at Stingray City is quite shallow, making it easy to walk around and interact with the stingrays.

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We were given a quick introduction before being left to roam around the water and take pictures. Anticipating the next snorkeling trip, Kyle got me a waterproof cell phone dry bag so that I could pretend to be an underwater paparazzi using my phone. A bit nervous at first, I used my brand new phone under water and was amazed at how well it worked and that it actually kept my phone completely dry. (I can fully recommend it, check it out here. It's even in turquoise!) Needless to say, we both went a bit crazy taking a gazillion pictures, most of which ended up being blurry. Lucky for you, some of them turned out okay.

Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 14Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 15Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 16It turns out the stingrays are much friendlier than expected (I’m sure the fact that we fed them would explain that) and we even got to hold and pet them.

Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 17

Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 18

We then stopped at the Barrier Reef and the Coral Gardens to explore the Grand Cayman underwater world. We had only been on one snorkeling trip before this and I could not wait to get my fins *ahem* feet under water again. Saying it was breathtaking seems like the understatement of the century.

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The water around the Cayman Islands is incredibly clear, providing some of the best diving and snorkeling conditions in the world.

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We meandered around the reef for about an hour and spotted two conchs, a variety of colourful fish, and an eel which was quite camera-shy (one could also say I’m not the best diver and couldn’t hold my breath long enough to get a good picture).

Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 24 Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 25

Hungry and slightly sun-burned, we headed back to the island to find yet another local place to eat and on our way stumbled across this beautiful ’57 Chevy, reminding us that we really do need one our next trips to be Cuba!

Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 26

I was hoping for a dinner right on the beach with great seafood and amazing views. We found just the right place: Alfresco. The restaurant is right on the beach and offered all things Caribbean, including a sunset on the beach - perfect for a romantic dinner.

Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 27

Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 28

I cannot resist a good seafood pizza, and this was one of the best I have ever had. Kyle enjoyed a Cayman style lobster dish. Yumm!

Snorkeling with Captain Marvins 29


Cayman Islands sure spoilt us. We can't wait to plan the next trip to go back.


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