Top 110 San Diego Instagram Captions and Quotes

Last Updated on October 15, 2023

The sunny city of San Diego, California is one of the most beautiful travel destinations on the west coast. After touring the top San Diego Instagram spots, you’re probably stuck wondering how to caption all your travel photos. We’ve compiled this guide to the Top 110 San Diego Instagram Captions and Quotes to help you out! Whether you visit San Diego for the art and culture or the surf and sand, you’re guarantee to snap some amazing photos. Help them stand out from the crowd with these perfect captions and quotes for Instagram.

San Diego Balboa Park Pond

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What Makes San Diego So Popular?

San Diego is a popular tourist destination because it has great weather, fun attractions for the whole family, and endless natural beauty. Regardless of your interests and how you like to vacation, San Diego has something for everyone to enjoy.

Top 110 San Diego Instagram Captions and Quotes

It can be overwhelming to find the perfect caption or quote for Instagram to pair with your San Diego photos. This San Diego Instagram captions and quotes guide will give you all the inspiration you need to share your photos.

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Best San Diego Instagram Captions

We’re starting off this list strong with the best San Diego Instagram captions that you can pair with any photos from your vacation.

North Park Sign San Diego
  • I’d rather be in San Diego.
  • You had me at San Diego.
  • San Diego is heaven on earth.
  • Gone to San Diego, be back never.
  • Ocean air and salty hair.
  • Life is better in San Diego.
  • San Diego is calling and I must go.
  • Dear San Diego, I will never get over you.
  • San Diego is the place to be.
  • San Diego sights and unforgettable nights.

Best San Diego Instagram Quotes

There are endless San Diego Instagram quotes out there, and we’ve rounded up the 10 best that you’re sure to love.

Balboa Park Spanish Art Area
  • “San Diego is the best city in the world.” -Eric Weddle
  • “To go to San Diego is everything. It’s literally everything. It’s the ultimate dream. It’s the big one.” -Tim Rozon
  • “The San Diego region is in my ways defined by our relationship with the ocean.” -Scott Peters
  • “From San Francisco to San Diego, I’ll be there if you let me know.” -Herman Dune
  • “I was looking for inspiration. I found it in California. The weather was always great, and the majority of San Diego seemed to be youth.” -Jason Mraz
  • “When I was a kid, I grew up in San Diego next to the ocean. The ocean was my friend – my best friend.” -Robert Ballard
  • “There’s something about San Diego that is quite different than Los Angeles.” -Donal Logue
  • “Whenever I’m in LA, I go down to San Diego to surf for the weekend, and I always come back perfect.” -Rodrigo Santoro
  • “It wasn’t until I got to San Diego that I started exploring music more.” -Andra Day
  • “I grew up in San Diego, California, and I spent a lot of time in the summer basically living in a bathing suit.” -Emily Ratajkowski

San Diego Sayings and Phrases

With a city as iconic as San Diego, it’s no surprise there are a lot of local sayings and phrases that you can use to caption your Instagram photos.

2D Cafe San Diego Food
  • Welcome to Slam Diego.
  • Semper Vigilans.
  • America’s finest city.
  • Stay classy, San Diego.
  • San Diego state of mind.
  • Keep calm and love San Diego.
  • Follow me to San Diego State.
  • Postcards from San Diego.
  • It’s always sunny in San Diego.
  • Some call it San Diego, I call it heaven.

San Diego West Coast Captions

San Diego is located on the gorgeous California coast, so one fun way to share your Instagram pictures is with a San Diego west coast caption.

San Diego Pink Wall Instagram
  • Chillin’ on the best coast.
  • West coast, best coast.
  • West coast kind of gal.
  • Time wasted at the beach is time well spent.
  • Palm trees and ocean breeze.
  • Nothing beats the west coast.
  • In a Golden State of mind.
  • Followed my heart all the way to the west coast.
  • If I can’t go to heaven, let me go to California.
  • Forever crushing on the west coast.

Funny San Diego Puns and Captions for Instagram

We love to get our followers laughing with funny Instagram captions, and these are our 10 favorite San Diego puns.

San Diego Mission Church
  • Surf, sun, and San Diego.
  • It’s a San Diego thing, you wouldn’t understand.
  • San Diego is my sand-ctuary.
  • Happier than a seagull with a french fry.
  • I sea you, San Diego.
  • Don’t worry, beach happy.
  • Aquaholic.
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a plane ticket to San Diego which is basically the same thing.
  • They write songs about California girls for a reason!
  • Sand Diego.

Anchorman San Diego Quotes

One of the most well-known movies set in San Diego is Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. This comedy movie has tons of funny quotes that you can use for your San Diego Instagram photos.

  • “You made one mistake today. You messed with somebody from San Diego.” -Ron Burgundy
  • “You stay classy, San Diego.” -Ron Burgundy
  • “I’m kind of a big deal. People know me.” -Ron Burgundy
  • “Go f*** yourself San Diego.” -Ron Burgundy
  • “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.” -Ron Burgundy
  • “I’m in a glass case of emotion!” -Ron Burgundy
  • “It’s so damn hot…” -Ron Burgundy
  • “Boy, that escalated quickly.” -Ron Burgundy
  • “I’m going to do the thing that God put Ron Burgundy on this earth to do: have salon-quality hair and read the news.” -Ron Burgundy
  • “I look good. I mean, really good.” -Ron Burgundy 

Short San Diego Captions for Instagram

Short Instagram captions are all the rage right now, so hop on the trend with a short San Diego caption for Instagram.

San Diego Balboa Park Pavilion
  • High tides and good vibes.
  • Sunsets and palm trees.
  • Take me back to San Diego.
  • Made in San Diego, California.
  • The best days are beach days.
  • Find me in San Diego.
  • Left my heart in San Diego.
  • Sunny state of mind.
  • From San Diego, with love.
  • San Diego is my happy place.

Short San Diego Quotes for Instagram

Another great way to incorporate quotes into your San Diego posts is with a short and engaging San Diego quote for Instagram.

  • “I live my life like it’s San Diego.” -Lick-G
  • “The best sunsets are always going to be in my hometown, San Diego.” -Jon Foreman
  • “Meet me where the sky touches the sea.” -Jennifer Donnelly
  • “They’ll say, let’s go to San Diego, where all the crazy kids go.” -The Thrills
  • “When it comes to inspiration, I come from San Diego originally.” -Gary Jules
  • “All I’m focused on is San Diego State.” -John Beck
  • “San Diego as a city is really awesome.” -Kristen Bell
  • “San Diego shaped me a lot.” -Juan Felipe Herrera
  • “San Diego walked away with just a scratch.” -Susan Davis
  • “I want to go to San Diego.” -Manu Chao

One Word San Diego Instagram Captions

Challenge yourself to get creative by captioning your San Diego Instagram photos with just one word, and these 10 ideas are a great place to start.

Sunset Beach San Diego
  • Sunkissed.
  • Summer.
  • Sunny.
  • Happy.
  • Dreamy.
  • Adventure.
  • Coastal.
  • Sandy.
  • Breezy.
  • Paradise.

Two Word San Diego Instagram Captions

We love to keep things simple with two-word captions, and these are the best San Diego Instagram captions that are super short.

  • California dreamin’.
  • Endless summer.
  • Cali coast.
  • Stay golden.
  • Surfs up.
  • Beach bum.
  • Raised by waves.
  • Saltwater soul.
  • Never leaving.
  • California forever.

Three Word San Diego Instagram Captions

Last, but certainly not least, on this guide to the best San Diego Instagram captions and quotes is a roundup of three-word caption ideas.

San Diego Instagram Spot Artelexia
  • San Diego vibes.
  • Following the sun.
  • Staying here forever.
  • Sunny side up.
  • San Diego dreaming.
  • West coast living.
  • San Diego summer.
  • Loving San Diego.
  • Currently: San Diego.
  • Be back never.

San Diego Instagram Captions and Quotes Summary

We hope you’ve enjoyed these top San Diego Instagram captions and quotes! San Diego is a gorgeous California location that’s full of Instagrammable spots. It’s easy to snap Instagram-worthy pictures throughout the city, and these caption and quote ideas for Instagram can be paired with any and all of them. Still looking for more Instagram caption inspiration? Check out our guide to the 365 Best Travel Captions for Instagram.

Instagram Captions for San Diego
Best San Diego Instagram Captions Quotes

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