San Antonio for the Weekend

Did you know that San Antonio is the seventh most populous city in the United States? We did not know that before we visited, and we also did not know how much you can do in San Antonio for the weekend. The city is a fantastic size for a weekend getaway, and invites you with warm weather, delicious food, and their beautiful river walk.


San Antonio in a Weekend - River Walk


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How to Get There


San Antonio is easily accessible by plane with all major US airlines flying there; for us it was less than 3 hours on a direct flight on Friday evening from Chicago. A huge bonus is that the airport is actually very close to the city. As a result you can arrive at your hotel in less than 20 minutes, ready to get your weekend started.


Where to Stay


For our weekend in San Antonio, we stayed at Stay Alfred San Antonio. If you havenโ€™t heard of Stay Alfred before, they offer travel apartments in almost all major US cities and allow you to have โ€œyour own placeโ€ but with the amenities and consistent experience of staying at a hotel.


Stay Alfred San Antonio - The Next Trip


Stay Alfred San Antonio - The Next Trip


As our flight was arriving quite late into San Antonio on Friday night, we utilized Stay Alfredโ€™s grocery shopping service and pre-ordered some breakfast items prior to our arrival.ย  When we arrived the fridge was stocked with our order!


Stay Alfred San Antonio Breakfast - The Next Trip


Stay Alfred San Antonio - The Next Trip


Our apartment was just the right amount of space for us to relax in for our weekend in San Antonio, and included free pool views.


Stay Alfred San Antonio - Pool - The Next Trip


We took advantage of the amenities, and spent our Sunday morning suntanning and swimming in the pool.


Stay Alfred San Antonio - Pool - The Next Trip


Stay Alfred San Antonio is located just off of the San Antonio River, between the downtown core and The Pearl. We rented bicycles for our stay, and were a short bike ride along the beautiful River Walk into downtown or an even shorter bike ride up to the Pearl. It was a great base for our weekend adventures.

Check out Stay Alfred for your next getaway and get 10% off any stay using our code YOURPLACE.

Stay Alfred provided us with a free hotel stay for our weekend getaway to San Antonio, however, all opinions and content are our own.ย 


What to Eat


San Antonio is basically the birthplace of Tex-Mex cuisine. As a result you will definitely be eating as much chili con carne, nachos, tacos, and fajitas you can find. There is absolutely no shortage of places to eat at, spread all across the city.


Pete's Tako House San Antonio - The Next Trip


We enjoyed a delicious meal at Peteโ€™s Tako House complete with more chips and salsa than we could eat, fresh fajitas, and savory enchiladas, all washed down by a margarita or two.


Pete's Tako House San Antonio - The Next Trip


Pete's Tako House San Antonio - The Next Trip


Other great options are La Fonda on Main (slightly more upscale, for Tex-Mex) and Rosarioโ€™s.


What To See in San Antonio in a Weekend


San Antonio in a weekend does not seem to be long enough to explore the entire city but we compiled a list of our favorite places so that you can get a good feeling of the city in 48 short hours.


The River Walk


The San Antonio River Walk is specially designed network of pedestrian pathways and bridges surrounding the San Antonio River, running throughout the downtown area. The main area in the downtown core is full of restaurants and bars and is definitely the place to be in San Antonio. However, you wonโ€™t be mistaking yourself thinking you are in Venice. That being said, the River Walk is very impressive and you can easily spend a half day walking the pathways and stopping at a restaurant or two.


San Antonio River Walk - The Next Trip


San Antonio River Walk - The Next Trip


San Antonio River Walk - The Next Trip


San Antonio River Walk - The Next Trip


The River Walk is clean and well maintained. It was refreshing coming from Chicago, where most of the city is quite literally crumbling! Extending North and South of the main area, the River Walk pathways total 15 miles of continuous trails to explore. Once outside of the main tourist area, the River Walk widens and is safe and great for bikes.


San Antonio River Walk - The Next Trip


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The Alamo


The Alamo Mission is located just a few blocks away from the River Walk and is easily accessible. It sits on a historic location where in 1836 Texans fought for their independence from Mexico and is probably what San Antonio is most famous for.


San Antonio The Alamo - The Next Trip


Conveniently, the Alamo Mission is free to enter. The only cost of admission for us being a 5 minute wait and the requirement to have our picture taken prior to entry, should we feel the need to purchase an overpriced souvenir at the end.


San Antonio The Alamo - The Next Trip


San Antonio The Alamo - The Next Trip


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Purse by Nikki Williams / Top by Chicwish / Skirt by Chicwish


The interior is quite sparse, but has a lot of information on this historic site. The best views of the Alamo are without a doubt, facing the front of itโ€™s famous faรงade. While the Alamo may be the most famous, there are a number of other beautiful old historic Spanish missions around San Antonio to see if you have time.


The Pearl


We briefly read about The Pearl prior to arriving in San Antonio, and knew that it was something that we wanted to check out. We had no idea how cool it would be!


San Antonio The Pearl - The Next Trip


The Pearl is centered around the site of a former brewery that operated here for over 100 years, but has since been converted into a (what I can only assume to be) a wildly successfully culinary and cultural hot spot. Basically, The Pearl has a large assortment of dining and shopping all centered around the fascinating old brewery location. There is a culinary school, apartments, a hotel, and some office space sprinkled in for good measure.


San Antonio The Pearl - The Next Trip


We first went to The Pearl on Saturday night to indulge in some Lick ice cream and devoured our delicious ice cream. Bettina was particularly impressed by the variety of vegan and non-dairy options, of which she sampled almost all of them!


San Antonio The Pearl - The Next Trip


We returned back to The Pearl on Sunday and spent part of the day wandering through the Farmerโ€™s Market and going for brunch at The Granary.ย  The afternoon was spent hanging out at Sternewirth in the Hotel Emma lobby, for a drink.


San Antonio The Granary - The Next Trip


San Antonio The Granary - The Next Trip


San Antonio The Granary - The Next Trip


If you havenโ€™t tried beef brisket eggs benedict before, you might just be missing out!




If you are willing to venture all around the city neighborhoods, you will be rewarded with great sites! The King William District is just south of downtown and has a huge collection of majestic 19th century mansions. This area is full of quiet residential streets that are nice to bike through.

On the West side of the San Antonio River, the Historic Market Square is the largest Mexican market in the United States.


San Antonio Historical Market Square - The Next Trip


San Antonio Historical Market Square - The Next Trip


On your way there, donโ€™t forget to stop and check out the San Fernando Cathedral.


San Antonio Historical Market Square - The Next Trip


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Still not sure whether you could conquer San Antonio in a weekend? Check our top tips below to help plan your visit.


The Next Trip Top 5 Tips for a Weekend in San Antonio


1) Stay somewhere with a pool.

We visited San Antonio in early June and it was already over 100F (38C). That means it is likely going to be hot when you visit San Antonio, and there is no better way to cool down than with a dip in a pool. The Stay Alfred pool was our respite from the heat. (Use the code YOURPLACE to get 10% off any Stay Alfred stay!)


Stay Alfred San Antonio Pool View - The Next Trip


2) Rent a bike.

The main tourist sites of San Antonio are located quite close together, and can easily be reached mostly by foot. However, if you want to explore the full River Walk, the King William District or up to The Pearl, we highly recommend renting a bike. We used SWell Cycle, but there are multiple companies available, as well as scooters.


San Antonio SWell Cylce Bike Share - The Next Trip


3) Spend a half day at The Pearl.

It may be slightly commercialized and a โ€œtourist trapโ€ in some minds, but there is a lot to like about The Pearl. The architecture of the converted brewery is amazing, and the food options are all top notch. A must visit!

4) Skip the rental car.

Not only should you rent a bike to see the sites (see tip #2) but you really donโ€™t need a car at all. The airport is close to downtown and there is just really no need. Save yourself the money for more Tex-Mex!

5) Eat as much as you can.

The great thing about Tex-Mex food in San Antonio is that it is plentiful, very affordable, and located all over the city. And if you are looking for some variety, thereโ€™s no shortage of Texas Barbecue and other restaurants to keep you happy during your visit.


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San Antonio for the Weekend - Your guide for what to see, where to stay, what to eat, and The Next Trip's Top 5 Tips


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  1. Great post!! My husband and I are doing a mini Texas roadtrip this fall, and San Antonio is one of our stops. I was wondering what else there was besides the Alamo and River walk, and this is super helpful! I guess I never realized how big the River walk is either.

    • Thank you so much Marley! I’m so happy you enjoyed reading it and got some useful tips. San Antonio seriously surprised us with its beauty and cultural diversity. It’s our favorite Texan city!

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