Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura Guide

Last Updated on November 5, 2023

On the Spanish island of Fuerteventura you can find the aptly named Popcorn Beach, a unique area that draws visitors from all over the world. This fascinating beach features small white fossils that have the appearance of popcorn kernels, making for a one-of-a-kind adventure. This Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura Guide has all the info you need to plan a trip here, from tips and tricks to frequently asked questions. Next time you’re planning a trip to the Canary Islands, make sure to pay a visit to Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura a truly unique experience.

Popcorn Beach Size of Popcorn

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Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura Guide

Popcorn Beach is located on the northern coast of Fuerteventura, the second largest of the Canary Islands, which are a territory of Spain just off the coast of Morocco. The beach has become well-known for its fascinating popcorn-like appearance which is amazing to witness in person. Popcorn Beach even went somewhat viral on social media in recent years as visitors began sharing videos and photos of the unique popcorn rocks.

In this Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura Guide, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about where to find the beach and how to visit it. If you’re curious to learn more about this one-of-a-kind destination and plan a trip yourself, we’ve got you covered with this complete guide to Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura!

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Where is Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura?

Popcorn Beach is located near the town of Corralejo, on Fuerteventura’s north coast. It lies in the La Oliva municipality and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Technically, Popcorn Beach is made up of several stretches of coastline, so the area is often collectively referred to as Popcorn Bay. Walking along the beach, you might feel as though you’ve been transported to another world entirely, but thankfully, Popcorn Beach is located just minutes from civilization! One of our favorite things about this beach area is it’s easily accessible but never gets too busy or crowded.

If you’re also planning a visit to the Ajuy caves and black sand beach during your Fuerteventura vacation (check out our Ajuy Fuerteventura Caves and Beach Guide here!), the towns of Ajuy and Corralejo are located about 46 km (28.5 miles) apart, making for an easy day or weekend trip.

How to Get to Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura

When it comes to getting to Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura, you can choose between traveling on foot or by car. If you’d like to hike to Popcorn Beach, there is a trail from Corralejo that will take about one hour of walking. While this hike isn’t strenuous, you’ll want to wear good hiking boots as the path is rocky and uneven. Take in views of the Atlantic Ocean and distant coastline as you hike, and soon you’ll start to recognize those distinct popcorn-shaped rocks.

You can also drive to Popcorn Beach by following Majanicho Street, which turns to a rough dirt and gravel path as you near the beaches. From Corralejo, the drive to Popcorn Beach is about 7 km (4.3 miles) in length, while the drive from Lajares is about 12 km (7.5 miles). There are no official bus or taxi options that will transport you to Popcorn Beach, so you’ll need to rent a vehicle on your own if you plan to drive.

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Arrival and Parking

Once you arrive at Popcorn Beach, you’ll find a parking lot with plenty of spaces. The lot is free to park in, so you don’t have to worry about getting a permit or paying for the day. Popcorn Beach is a bit of a hidden gem on Fuerteventura, so it’s rare for this lot to get full. Keep in mind the road leading to the parking area for Popcorn Beach can be rough, but it is usually well enough maintained to be perfectly safe in any car.

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Visiting Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura

After hiking or driving to Popcorn Beach, you’ll soon find yourself strolling along the rocky coastline, taking in views of the crystal blue waters and small, popcorn-shaped formations. These popcorn-like rocks can be found in scattered areas throughout the beach, so take some time to stroll along Popcorn Beach.

Unlike traditional beaches made up of sand, Popcorn Beach consists of volcanic rock and fossils, giving this stretch of coastline a unique appearance and rocky texture. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes because the popcorn rocks are uncomfortable to walk on. As you explore Popcorn Beach, you’ll be amazed by how closely these fossils resemble fluffy white kernels of popcorn! The white popcorn rocks contrast beautifully with the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, creating an unreal scene like something out of a movie.

What is Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura Made Of?

The popcorn-looking rocks at Popcorn Beach are actually formed from red algae. The scientific name for these algae is red corraline algae, which is found in the waters of Popcorn Beach. Though the algae have a red appearance while alive, they turn white in color after death. Once the algae die, the waves press them against the shoreline, calcifying them into fossils and giving the formations that recognizable puffy white popcorn look.

Popcorn Beach Amenities and Facilities

It’s important to note there are no amenities or facilities at Popcorn Beach. If you plan to get dolled up for Instagram photos, you’ll want to pack toiletries and a mirror in your car since there are no restrooms. Make sure to plan a bathroom stop ahead of time before arriving at Popcorn Beach, especially if you plan to spend a few hours exploring.

Thankfully, the town of Corralejo is just a short drive away from Popcorn Beach. Corralejo is a charming Spanish village with some restaurant options where you can use the restroom and grab a bite to eat. This small town is the perfect spot to chow down on some food and freshen up after exploring Popcorn Beach and taking tons of photos for Instagram.

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Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura Frequently Asked Questions

Are you feeling inspired to plan a vacation to the Canary Islands? Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura is a can’t-miss Spanish destination, so here are some frequently asked questions that you’ll want to keep in mind before packing your bags.

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Can you swim at Popcorn Beach?

Technically, yes, you can swim at Popcorn Beach, though you won’t find many tourists or locals trying it. Swimming at Popcorn Beach is not recommended because the waves can get rough and the sharp popcorn-like rocks can cause cuts and other injuries. However, there are a few places along the beach where you can wade into the water. If you’d like to get your feet wet during your visit to Popcorn Beach, pack water shoes or sandals that will protect you from the jagged popcorn rocks.

Why is it called Popcorn Beach?

This coastline area of Fuerteventura is known as Popcorn Beach thanks to the presence of calcified fossils that resemble puffy popcorn kernels. These unique formations are white in color and closely resemble popcorn from a distance and up close. You can find these popcorn rocks scattered all across Popcorn Beach, making it a great place to wander around and explore at a relaxed pace.

What is the best time to visit Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura?

There’s no bad time to visit Popcorn Beach in Fuerteventura! Thankfully, this area never gets too busy, so you won’t have to worry about battling crowds as you explore and take photos. In general, April to September is considered the best time to visit the Canary Islands for excellent weather and minimal crowds, so keep this in mind as you plan your trip.
Morning is the best time to visit Popcorn Beach if you want there to be fewer visitors, giving you the perfect opportunity to organize a beachy photoshoot. If you don’t mind sharing Popcorn Beach with other tourists in favor of warmer weather, we recommend visiting in the afternoon. Afternoon is also a great time to visit this area since you can explore the nearby village of Corralejo before or after your beach adventure.

Can you eat the popcorn on Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura?

No! As much as the fossils at Popcorn Beach might look like delicious kernels of popcorn, you don’t want to attempt eating them. It’s also important to leave the popcorn rocks on the beach and not take any with you once you leave. These calcified fossils are a key component of the local ecosystem, and the beach would eventually be depleted of them if every visitor took a handful, or even just one, of the kernels. It can be tempting to want to bring back some souvenirs from your visit to Popcorn Beach, but that’s what photos and memories are for!

Does Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura smell like popcorn?

Sadly, Popcorn Beach does not smell like popcorn. Though the rocks scattered throughout the beach resemble popcorn, they are not edible and don’t have a distinct smell. In fact, Popcorn Beach smells quite salty thanks to its close proximity to the ocean!

Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura Guide Summary

Make sure to bookmark this Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura Guide before your next trip to the Canary Islands! This unique destination is a must if you want to experience the popcorn kernel-like fossils and rocks in person. While there are other popcorn beaches throughout the world, Popcorn Beach Fuerteventura is one of our favorites for minimal crowds and gorgeous views. Popcorn Beach is an excellent place to explore for a morning or afternoon, and it makes the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos. Fuerteventura is a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean with a lot of natural beauty, and Popcorn Beach is a can’t-miss spot.

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