17 Most Instagrammable Places in Phoenix You Can’t Miss

Last Updated on September 18, 2022

Phoenix and the surrounding area is what dreams are made of for everyone living in the northern latitudes. With year-round sunshine and pleasant warm temperatures almost guaranteed, Phoenix is a dream to visit any time of the year. From the beautiful surrounding mountains, the desert views, trendy Scottsdale, and Phoenix city, you are spoiled for Instagrammable Places in Arizona.

That’s why we’ve put together the top 17 Most Instagrammable Places in Phoenix which you can’t miss on your trip. Whether you are a professional instagrammer or just love to take your vacation photos to the next level, this guide includes everything you need to know about each photography spot in Phoenix.

It's That Hot Mural Scottsdale

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Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links in the below article are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission if you make a purchase. We were provided complimentary meals at Farm & Craft Scottsdale, Hash Kitchen, and Wine Girl. All opinions on the most Instagrammable places in Phoenix are our own. Click here for the full disclosure statement.

Map of the Best Phoenix Instagram Spots

Phoenix is a sprawling desert city, along with the ajoining city of Scottsdale, and the Instgrammable locations in Phoenix are relatively spread out, with a large amount concentrated within the downtown Scottsdale area. It is easy to hit most of these Scottsdale instagrammable places in one day. However, to complete all of the locations you would need a car and multiple days.

This map includes all the most instagrammable places in Phoenix. Make sure to use it to plan your trip to visit all the Phoenix Instagram spots.

This map was created with Wanderlog, a trip planner

Most Instagrammable Places in Phoenix

We’ve compiled the 17 best Instagram spots in Phoenix for every instagrammer and photography lover. These spots will help you capture the desert beauty of Phoenix and Scottsdale and will be sure to elevate your photos to make the most of all the amazing photo spots in Phoenix.

Tree-Lined Street

Who said palm-tree-lined streets were exclusive to California? This is a classic Phoenix photography spot that could easily be mistaken for the Golden State. This neighborhood is full of beautiful historic homes, and the towering palm trees are well-kept and provide a great visual backdrop as a Phoenix Instagram photo spot.

We were pleasantly surprised at home beautiful this street is; it would be the perfect place to live near downtown Phoenix. You won’t regret making this a stop on your tour of the most Instagrammable places in Phoenix.

Palm Tree Street Phoenix

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Location: Tree-Lined Street

Hours: This Phoenix Instagrammable spot is open all the time.

Best Time for Photos: This is quite a flexible photo location, depending on if you would like palm-tree shadows in your photos or not. The earlier the better, in terms of having less traffic and softer lighting.

Tips: The whole neighborhood is quite picturesque, however the most iconic photo spot is on West Portland Street at North 5th Avenue. As this is a residential neighborhood, don’t forget to be respectful to everyone that lives here!

Papago Park

Papago Park has a surprising amount of great Phoenix photography spots for sunrise or sunset. The park is most well-known for the many holes or caves in the rock face. The short and easy hike up the Hole-In-The-Rock Trail is well worth it for the view. In addition to the caves there is a small pond near the zoo. This pond has a short but cute dock which makes for a great Instagram photo location in Phoenix. As the pond is quite small, the water is generally calm which results in a beautiful reflection for your photo.

Papago park is very photogenic from every angle making it one of the best places to take pictures in Phoenix.

Pier at Papago Park Scottsdale

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Location: Papago Park

Hours: Daily from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Best Time for Photos: The best time to take photos here is during the late afternoon close to sunset.

Tips: Every corner of this park is incredibly instagrammable. Be sure to explore the hiking trails if you have time to find some new and creative Phoenix Instagram photo spots.

Papago Park Scottsdale

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Superstition Mountains

The Superstition Mountains are simply a stunning spot for photography. The best way to see this famous Phoenix photo spot is from the Lost Dutchman State Park. The park provides a number of hiking trails, as well as picnic facilities, or even camping if you are planning a longer trip. What makes the Superstition mountains so Instagrammable are the sharp jagged peaks, cactus everywhere, and nearly guaranteed good weather.

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How to Get to the Superstition Mountains

There really is only way to get here, and that is by car. It’s too far to realistically take a taxi or Uber. If you have your own car, or a rental car, it’s an easy drive south of Phoenix and along some secondary roads to the park. When planning your trip here for sunrise, be aware of potential delays driving through Phoenix due to the morning rush hour. You don’t want to plan a sunrise photoshoot at this amazing Phoenix Instagram location, only to miss the sunrise due to traffic!

Location: Lost Dutchman State Park

Hours: The park is open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day.

Entrance Fee: $7.00 USD per vehicle Monday to Thursday, $10.00 USD every other day, and holidays.

Best Time for Photos: The light is best here around sunrise. At sunrise it might still be a bit too dark due to the shadow of the mountain. As the sun rises, but before it rises over the Superstition Mountains is the best time.

Tips: For the ultimate Phoenix Instagram Photo that will make everyone jealous, position yourself at a location and be prepared for when the sun just crests over the Superstition Mountains and you can get a beautiful sun flair in your photo.

The Saguaro Scottsdale Hotel

The Saguaro Scottsdale hotel has a fun mural located in one of their common areas, opposite the check-in and reception area. This is a great place to take an Instagram photo with some action in it as the mural is quite tall, and you are not able to get very far away from the mural way to take a photo of it.

Mural at The Saguaro Hotel Scotssdale

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Location: Saguaro Scottsdale

Hours: There are no specific hours for this Phoenix photo location.

Best Time for Photos: The mural is located within the hotel grounds, but is easily accessible from the parking lot. Due to it’s location it’s best to photography during the first half of the day, otherwise you may have large shadows across the mural.

Tips: This Phoenix Instagram spot is located within a private hotel. If you are not staying at the hotel, please be respectful of hotel guests and limit your time on property as much as possible to preserve access to this Phoenix Instagram location for others .

New Windsor Hotel

Located just west of downtown Phoenix, the New Windsor Hotel is a historic building that still maintains its rustic charm and décor from years past. There’s not as many Instagrammable photo spots in downtown Phoenix, so this is a great option if your trip has you staying here.

The Pretty Dress Company Dress / Similar White Pumps

Location: New Windsor Hotel

Hours: Taking photos at this Phoenix Instagrammable location is possible anytime of the day.

Best Time for Photos: The best time for photos is during the morning, for the best light and a fewer amount of pedestrians and cars.

Tips: It should go without saying for all of the most Instagrammable places in Phoenix, but be aware of your surroundings and make sure you, and your photography gear, are safe at all times.

Farm & Craft Scottsdale

Farm & Craft Scottsdale is a restaurant that focuses on healthy and sustainable food, served up in a modern farm environment. Just outside the entrance of their Scottsdale location they have a great Instagrammable photo location with their ‘Love Is’ chalk board that allows anyone to write in what ‘Love Is’ to them! This is a great place to take a fun Instagram photo in Scottsdale, but also to spread some positivity by writing something meaningful on the board.

Love is Sign Farm and Craft Scottsdale

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The Instagrammable qualities of Farm & Craft don’t stop here though, head on inside for any meal of the day. We can highly recommend their excellent Happy Hour which is available Monday to Friday from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM so that you can try some of their unique menu offerings! Farm & Craft has delicious flatbreads, mains, and a list of sides to drool over. We couldn’t decide which of the sides we wanted to try the most, so we almost tried them all! Be sure to leave room for some of their unique and delicious Kombucha Cocktails, and perhaps a little bit of dessert for good measure!

Location: Farm and Craft Scottsdale

Hours: Farm and Craft is open everyday from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Best Time for Photos: The best time to take photos here is in the afternoon when the restaurant is least busy.

Tips: Not only is there a great Phoenix Instagram spot on the outside of Farm & Craft, but the inside is incredibly photogenic, and a great spot for photos with a bite to eat and a drink. Be sure to try their Kombucha Cocktails, which is what they are known for. They are delicious and have a unique flavor!

Sun and Saguaro Scottsdale Mural

When thinking about Phoenix Instagram murals that scream a desert vibe, this is the mural that most comes to mind. This mural is located on the outside wall of the Geisha A Go Go restaurant, and is easily accessible. As a bonus, it is located just across the street from the previous most Instagrammable location in Phoenix, Farm & Craft Scottsdale.

This Sun and Saguaro mural was actually created a number of years ago by Lauren Lee and has remained incredibly popular ever since. This is a must see location and without a doubt one of the most famous most Instagrammable places in Phoenix; plus it’s easily accessible in the walkable area of downtown Scottsdale.

It's That Hot Mural Scottsdale

Perrin & Co Dress / Similar White Pumps / Lack of Color Hat / Similar Linen Shirt / Linen Pants

Location: Sun and Saguaro Scottsdale

Hours: This Scottsdale Instagram location can be accessed any time of the day.

Best Time for Photos: The best time to take photos here is early in the morning or in the late evening when the sun is behind the restaurant so that there are no odd shadows in the photo.

Tips: Stop by Farm & Craft, which is just across the street from the mural. It’s a great place to stop and have a bite to eat on your Instagram tour of Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Wine Girl Scottsdale

Wine Girl Scottsdale has an incredibly photogenic and cute design, both inside and outside, perfect for your next Instagram photo of Phoenix. Not only that, but they have an impressive selection of wines on tap. Wine Girl is a small family-run business that believes in making the wine business more sustainable, and as such offers the majority of their wines on tap, instead of going through countless glass bottles each night. The taste and flavor are no different, just like having beer out of a keg, and you can enjoy amazing wine knowing that you’re also helping out the environment.

Try one of their wine flights as a starter, and of course who doesn’t want an amazing charcuterie board when sampling wine?

Charcuterie Board Wine Girl Scottsdale

As for what makes this places so Instagrammable, you don’t need to look far. The cute swings at the entrance, beautiful and light décor, and outdoor patio swing make for multiple great photo opportunities here.

Tiare Hawaii Dress / Lack of Color Hat / Similar Shoes

Location: Wine Girl Scottsdale

Hours: Check their website for the latest hours as they vary each day, but they are generally open at 3:30 PM to 10:00 PM every day, with weekends having longer hours.

Best Time for Photos: The best time to take photos here is before 5:00 PM as this is a very popular place for people to socialize and grab a drink.

Tips: When we say this is a popular place so get here early, we mean it! Taking a nice Instagram photo here is easiest when there are the fewest crowds, so head here for an early happy hour and sample some wine. Their wine flights are the best way to sample a few wines at a time!

LOVE Sign at Scottsdale Civic Center

If you are looking for one of the most Instagrammable places in Phoenix, look no more! This iconic ‘LOVE’ sign is located at the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall. The mall is not for shopping, but is a large park.

The Civic Center Mall can easily be accessed from Old Town Scottsdale by foot. This is such a popular photo spot in Scottsdale, that it’s a location you have to visit!

Love Sculpture Scottsdale

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Location: LOVE Sign Scottsdale

Hours: This is a public park of the city of Scottsdale. Hours are generally sunrise to sundown.

Best Time for Photos: The best time to take photos here is early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the sun is close to setting.

Tips: This is a very popular Phoenix and Scottsdale photo location for Instagrammers as well as photographers shooting engagement or family photos. That’s why it’s usually best to come as early or late as possible for the best chance of having the sign to yourself.

Sugar Bowl

If you are looking for a cute and classic instagrammable spot in Scottsdale, Sugar Bowl is the place for you! This ice cream parlor has retained it’s 1950’s style soda fountain seats and décor for more than 60 years, and looks better than ever. If you have a sweet tooth, this is a great place to sample some classic American ice cream treat as the menu also reflects the vintage of the restaurant.

The Sugar Bowl is great as an instagrammable Phoenix photo spot either indoors or outdoors. The street shot from outside is great, and if you can get one of the fountain seats inside, you can create an unforgettable Instagram photo here. Don’t forget to dress the part and match the 1950’s style!

The Pretty Dress Company Dress / Similar White Pumps

Location: Sugar Bowl

Hours: The Sugar Bowl is open from 10:00 AM To 11:00 PM daily.

Best Time for Photos: The best time for photos at this Phoenix photo spot is just after they open, for the best chance of getting one of the iconic bar seats, and to have the fewest other people in your photos.

Tips: If you are taking photos of the restaurant, and especially in the restaurant, be sure to support the business and purchase a sweet treat to enjoy on one of Phoenix’s predictably hot days.

Classic Desert Architecture

This Phoenix Instagrammable location is actually a self-help business, however the architecture of the building, along with the desert plants growing around it create a really cool desert-retro vibe. Be respectful of the business, as they might not want to have so many photos taken of their building. That’s why we recommend visiting during the early morning or late evening.

Arizona Style Building Scottsdale

Perrin & Co Dress / Similar Shoes

Location: Classic Desert Architecture

Hours: You can access this Phoenix Instagrammable location any time of the day, however if you can visit when the business is closed, that is the best time to take photos.

Best Time for Photos: The building faces the south, meaning that it receives direct sun throughout the day. For a bright photo, though with some harsh lighting, anytime during the day would work. For softer lighting, look to visit this Phoenix photo spot just after sunrise, or just before sunset.

Tips: This location of the most Instagrammable places in Phoenix is best suited for a close-up photo, showcasing fashion or jewelry.

Swing Mural at Mall

This Phoenix photography location is a super fun mural located in an upscale mall and our favorite Instagram mural in Phoenix. This fun mural is by Kelsey Montague and you can have a lot of fun pretending to ‘swing’ while taking a photo.

Swing Mural Scottsdale

Perrin & Co Dress / Similar Shoes

Location: Swing Mural at Biltmore Fashion Park

Hours: The Biltmore Fashion Park hours are generally 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, however the mural is on the outside of the mall and can be accessed prior to the mall opening.

Best Time for Photos: The best time to take photos here is in the morning before 11:00 AM. The swing mural is located on a south-facing wall and gets intense sun throughout the day. To avoid the harsh sunlight, taking photos here earlier in the day is best.

Tips: This is definitely an upscale mall, so not in everyone’s budget, but if you like to window-shop beautiful home-décor stores this is an amazing mall to do so with great stores such as Arhaus, Pottery Barn, and Williams Sonoma.

Western Spirit Museum

The Western Spirit Museum in downtown Scottsdale has a beautiful desert modern design that also works as an amazing backdrop as one of the most Instagrammable places in Phoenix. If you’ve ever been wondering where to take a photo with a cactus in Phoenix or Scottsdale, this is your photo location.

To take photos here, walk around the back of museum and you will find a couple of great alternatives for Phoenix Instagram photos. This location is best for shooting fashion and lifestyle, as the backdrops allow for the focus to be on the subject, while still providing an interesting and clean backdrop for your photo. There is one area that has a large number of cactus, another against a modern rusted steel wall, and another with an industrial style backdrop. This is also a favorite Phoenix photography location for locals doing photoshoots, so be sure to be respectful and take your turn.

Perrin & Co Dress / Similar White Pumps / Lack of Color Hat / Similar Linen Shirt / Linen Pants

Location: Western Spirit Museum

Hours: The museum is open every day from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, however the photo locations are outside the building and can be freely accessed at any time of the day.

Best Time for Photos: The best time for photos here is early in the morning. By mid-morning the sun comes around the corner of the building and will begin casting shadows on the photo locations.

Tips: If you need to take any professional looking photos such as headshots or beautiful fashion photos, this is a great location to plan a longer shoot.

Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale is full of historic buildings with interesting desert architecture. It’s an easily walkable area and is great to explore at any time of the day to discover some of the hidden secrets in the side streets. Scottsdale is incredibly photogenic, and Old Town Scottsdale acts as a base for all of the most Instagrammable places in Phoenix.

Old Town Scottsdale

Perrin & Co Dress / Similar White Pumps / Lack of Color Hat

Location: Old Town Scottsdale

Hours: This Scottsdale Instagram photo location is open all day.

Best Time for Photos: The best time to take photos in Scottsdale is early in the morning just after sunrise. You’ll be surprised at how empty this area is before any of the shops are open and while it is devoid of tourists.

Tips: Be sure to walk all around Old Town Scottsdale as there are lots of cute stores and other locations that are quite Instagrammable. Who knows, maybe you will find a new location that we should add as one of the most Instagrammable places in Phoenix.

The Mission Old Town

The Mission Old Town is actually a Latin restaurant (which serves delicious food), but it is located next to the Old Adobe Mission of Scottsdale that is the oldest standing church in Scottsdale. The Mission building was crafted by hand by the Mexicans who first came to the area in the 1910’s.

The Mission Old Town Scottsdale

Mac Duggal Dress / Similar Linen Shirt / Linen Pants

Location: The Mission Old Town

Hours: You can take photos outside of The Mission Old Town at any time of day, however it’s best to do so before they open at 11:00 AM.

Best Time for Photos: The best time to take photos here is anytime before 11:00 AM when the restaurant opens. That way you won’t have any crowds or lines in your Instagram photo; the earlier the better!

Tips: The photographer may have to stand out in the road for this Phoenix Instagram location, so be sure to look around and stay safe! The road is very quiet in the early morning hours, so it is not dangerous to do so.

Hash Kitchen Bloody Mary’s

Who doesn’t love a good Bloody Mary? If you’re like us, where only the loaded and most over the top Bloody Mary will do, you’ve come to the right place at Hash Kitchen. Every day for brunch Hash Kitchen has an incredible Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar. You have a couple of options on how big you want your Bloody Mary to be, and you can then go to town creating the most epic Bloody Mary you’ve ever seen. If you need help, the friendly staff are more than willing to help take your Bloody Mary making skills up a notch.

Hash Kitchen Bloody Mary Scottsdale

Tiare Hawaii Dress

The brunch menu at Hash Kitchen is extensive and features all of your sweet and savory favorites, plus a few new ones that you might not be expecting. We had so much trouble deciding as everything looked so delicious. If you have a sweet tooth, the Cannoli pancake stack is to die for as one of the best breakfast-dessert mixes out there. Savory fans will love their signature HK Hashes, frittatas, or handheld lunch items. The Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich had just the right amount of bite, and the Avocado Toast Hash Style was over the top.

Hash Kitchen actually has five locations in the Phoenix area; we visited the Arcadia Gateway location and had an amazing time. The service here was absolutely top-notch and we can highly recommend stopping by here for brunch, lunch, and of course an Instagram photo with your self-made Bloody Mary.

Location: Hash Kitchen

Hours: As Hash Kitchen is dedicated to brunch, they are open 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM throughout the weed, and 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Best Time for Photos: The best time for photos here is early in the morning. The later you go, the more other guests there will be at Hash Kitchen enjoying brunch, however it is definitely manageable at any time, as you will of course have your own table.

Tips: Plan ahead and make a reservation. Hash Kitchen is incredibly popular with the brunch crowd, and you’ll thank yourself for having a reservation and not having to wait if visiting near peak times.

Diego Pops Scottsdale

Diego Pops is a fun restaurant in the heart of Scottsdale that has put its own spin on your favorite tacos, burritos, and poke bowls. They offer a large selection of tacos, burritos, and everything in between. The restaurant has a great outdoor patio, but if it is too hot outside in Phoenix, you’ll still be well taken care of inside. What makes this a great instagrammable restaurant are the bright colors, funky signs, and attention to detail.

Brussel Sprouts Nachos Diego Pops
17 Most Instagrammable Places in Phoenix You Can’t Miss 2
Diego Pops Scottsdale Sauces
Diego Pops Scottsdale Nachos

Location: Diego Pops

Hours: This Scottsdale hot spot is open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM Sunday to Wednesday, and stays open later Thursday to Saturday.

Best Time for Photos: The best time to take photos here is mid-morning before it gets too busy. The earlier the better for indoor photos, but outside nearly anytime works.

Tips: Be sure to sample their famous Brussel Sprouts Nachos which are great to share with the whole table!

Most Instagrammable Places in Phoenix Summary

Hopefully you found this list of the most Instagrammable places in Phoenix helpful! Did we miss any of your favorite Instagram photo locations in Phoenix or Scottsdale? If you’re in the area you should also check out the best Sedona Instagram Spots! Let us know in the comments!

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