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Why Should I Use Instagram?

Instagram has developed into a multi-billion dollar platform and there is hardly any millennial who does not know what Instagram means. With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platform and has incredible reach worldwide.

One of our personal favorite places to visually share our work is Instagram. It's such a great platform to share travel and lifestyle photography and connect with people. Over the last 3 years growing the Instagram account The Next Trip, we have met some incredible creators on the platform whom we call our friends. We have been able to connect and learn from other people and work with companies we would have never thought possible beforehand. Further, Instagram has allowed us to travel to places which were not even on our minds prior to joining the app.

The app can facilitate a lot of opportunities in almost any industry and can allow you to work with incredibly companies around the world.

The Next Trip Instagram Tips

How to Grow Instagram Following?

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How do I grow my Instagram Following? This is by far the most frequent question I get every day on Instagram. The answer is pretty straight-forward: there is no quick and easy way. BUT, there are a lot of tips and tricks and strategies which are very successful and can help you grow your audience faster.

We are sharing all our Instagram tips and secrets on The Next Trip and teach you how you can grow your account organically and faster than your piers.

One of the best Instagram tips I can give everyone is post content consistently, every single day, even multiple times daily if you can, and make sure it's quality content. Especially if you are in an industry which is already quite saturated such as travel blogging, the best Instagram tip is to add value to your followers by sharing unique destinations, new insights in your captions, travel tips, or anything you could think of.

Learn the most useful Instagram tips to grow to 10k followers on Instagram, what to do when you experience an Instagram action block, get free Q&A Instagram story templates, and more! If you are still looking for more Instagram tips, feel free to reach out to us!

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