Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets

Last Updated on February 4, 2021

Instagram is a visual platform and creating outstanding photos and videos is one of the most important things to grow your account. Creating amazing content can be as easy as snapping a quick photo with your phone, but most of the time it takes a lot more than a simple phone photo to stand out. After all, if everyone can be successful using their phone, then everyone would be doing it!

Standing out on Instagram requires great photos and videos. Most people only spend a few seconds looking at your photo and you only have this short amount of time for them to hit the like button or decide to go on your profile and follow you.

You can’t take incredible photos for Instagram without the right accessories and gadgets. Here are the best Instagram accessories and gadgets to help you create amazing content and really boost your Instagram!

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Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets

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Best Camera For Instagram Photography

Having a great camera is the most important accessory when it comes to creating great Instagram photography. There are certainly accounts which manage to grow while using phone photography only. However, if you want to stand out in an already saturated market, photo quality makes a huge difference. Phone photos can be great in bright daylight as long as all the conditions are perfect. But as soon as the light is not great, it’s dark, rainy, or super windy, phone photography just isn’t good enough to capture everything.

Best Entry-Level Camera

Cameras have come a long way and there are some really great cameras on the market which won’t break your bank. One of the best beginner cameras for Instagram photography is the Canon Rebel T7. It’s an entry-level DSLR camera Canon produces and it is a great camera to start getting into Instagram photography.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 4

The Canon Rebel T7 has everything you would need in an entry-level camera and these are the most important features you would need as an influencer and content creator:

  • The best thing is the price: under $1,000!
  • Touch screen to set up your camera which you can also use to take photos looking at the screen, rather than using the viewfinder.
  • Wifi-function to transfer your photos directly from the camera to your phone (this is a huge time saver!). All you need is to download the Canon Connect app to your iPhone or Android and you can transfer photos.
  • You can create still photos and videos with this camera.
  • Automatic focus – this is standard in almost all cameras but super helpful.
  • Options to shoot in automatic mode or with manual settings.
  • Option to shoot in RAW or JPEG.
  • Comes with a 18-55mm lens which is a great entry-level lens.

Overall, the Canon Rebel T7 is the perfect beginner DSLR camera to get started. It is super easy to use, lightweight, will fit in most purses and you can create amazing content.

Best Advanced Full Frame Camera

If you are serious about creating incredible content and want to take your good photos to the next level, getting a full frame DSLR camera is almost unavoidable. There are certain photos you see on Instagram and think “wow this is incredible quality.” This is exactly what you will get with a full frame camera.

One of the best full frame cameras on the market for advanced Instagram photography is the Canon 6D Mark II. It’s a great camera if you are looking to create professional quality images for Instagram and also if you are looking to sell the rights to these images to brands you are working with. The photos this camera produces are incredibly crisp even in low light settings.

Personal Note: I updated my Canon Rebel T6i to a Canon 6d Mark II and got so many messages on Instagram about what camera I use. My followers instantly noticed the difference in photo quality. The photos are a lot crisper, the subject pops more, and you can zoom in as much as you like and they still look great!

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 8

The Canon 6D Mark II has everything you would need in a full frame camera and these are the most important features you would need as an influencer and content creator:

  • Shutter speed up to 1/4000s. It’s great to capture moving objects.
  • Touch screen to set up your settings and to use instead of the view finder. You can also flip the screen which is helpful if you’re trying to take photos from different angles you can’t get when using the view finder.
  • Wifi-function which allows you to transfer your photos from the camera to your phone using the Canon Connect App.
  • Bluetooth function which allows you to shoot remotely. You can use your phone as a remote with the Canon Connect App.
  • You can create still photos and videos.
  • Automatic focus – this is standard in almost all cameras but super helpful.
  • Options to shoot in automatic mode or with manual settings.
  • Options to shoot in RAW and JPEG.

If you previously had a Canon Rebel and are looking to upgrade, this is an incredible camera! It is a bit more expensive than the Canon Rebel but the photo quality is noticeably better. You have more capability to shoot in low light situations and capture movement.

Note that if you have a photo lens for your Canon Rebel, you may not be able to use it with the Canon 6D Mark II. If your lens is an EF lens, it will work. You can check by looking at the mark on the lens you use to line up with the camera. If it’s a red mark, the lens will work with the Canon Rebel and the Canon 6D Mark II. If it’s white, it won’t work.

The Canon 6D Mark II does not come with a lens, so you need to purchase a lens separately.

Best Canon Lens for Portrait Instagram Photography

When it comes to taking great photos for Instagram, the lens is just as important as the camera! There are tons of different lenses out there which are all great for specific types of photography. One of the best lenses for portrait photography for Instagram is the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens. It works on both the Canon Rebel and the Canon 6D Mark II and is perfect for lifestyle and fashion bloggers.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 10

The Canon EF 50mm is a prime lens, meaning you cannot zoom in or out. Not having the zoom function means the price point is lower than with a zoom lens. These are the best features of the Canon EF 50mm lens for Instagram photography:

  • f/1.8 which allows you to create incredibly crisp photos with a blurry background. This is one of the best features for lifestyle and fashion bloggers as this lens will make the subject pop and the background fade.
  • The low f-stop is also really great if you are trying to shoot in low light situations such as in restaurants or a poorly lit home.

Best Full Frame Canon Lens for Instagram Travel Photography

If you are looking for a great lens to go with your Canon 6D Mark II that you can use in most settings, the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 lens is an amazing choice. This lens will work in almost any settings and with its focal range, is a mix between a wide angle and a tele lens. It’s great to use in tight spaces when you are trying to capture the entire space, as well as in nature when you are trying to capture the entire scenery.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 13

These are the best features of the Canon EF 24-70mm lens for Instagram photography:

  • The focal range of 24mm-70mm really allows you to use this lens in almost all settings. The lower end of the focal range is perfect for wider angle photos, allowing you to capture tight spaces. The higher end of the focal range works like a tele lens, allowing you to optically bring the background closer.
  • The f/2.8 helps in creating the blurry background effect and will make your subject pop more.

Camera Accessories to Boost Your Instagram

No matter how good your camera is, there are some accessories which you can’t miss to create outstanding Instagram photos.

SD Card

Next to the camera, having an SD card is the most important thing for taking photos. Not all SD cards are the same though. The main things to look for when buying an SD card is the storage size and the writing speed. Writing speed is very important when you shoot your photos in RAW as a low writing speed will slow down your camera. One of the best SD cards on the market is the ScanDisk Extreme 128 GB. It allows you to do continuous shooting and won’t slow you down even if you shoot in RAW.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 15

Lens Protector and UV Filter

Another item that is not overly exciting, but necessary, is a lens protector. How often do you replace your lens cap and don’t put it on right away? Or you accidentally drop your camera?

Your lens is the most fragile thing about your camera (and most expensive!) and having a scratch on the glass will ruin your photos and is incredibly expensive to fix. Having a lens protector is relatively cheap and the best way to make sure you keep your lenses safe. The lens protection glasses are usually UV filters at the same time.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 16


Having a tripod is a great way to take photos when nobody else is around, when it’s too dark and you need to hold the camera still, or if you’re trying to take couple photos. Finding a good tripod that is stable, collapsible, and lightweight is the difficult part.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 17

Camera Remote

If you have a camera without a Bluetooth function and you are looking to take photos by yourself or shoot remotely, you can either set your camera on a timer and run back and forth or you can use a remote. Hint: having a remote will make your life much easier and includes way less running.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 18

The Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Controller works with most Canon cameras and has a range of 5 meters. The only drawback about it is that it is battery operated. The AmazonBasics Wireless Remote is another great remote if you have a Nikon. It will also work with the Canon Rebel T6i.

Camera Rain Cover

Shooting in the rain can create those beautiful romantic rain photos that everyone loves. As much fun as shooting in the rain is, you want to make sure that your camera stays dry as water can seriously damage it. Having a rain cover for your camera is a great investment as you can shoot for hours in pouring rain and it will keep your gear dry. An added benefit is that you can also use the rain case when shooting in sandy areas such as sand dunes or on the beach as it will protect it from tiny sand particles finding their way into the camera.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 19

There are several rain covers on the market with a wide variety of functionalities and materials. A simple but highly functionable rain cover is the Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover which is compatible with Canon, Sony, and Nikon cameras. The cover has a see through back so you can see your settings and the screen and it has two separate adjustable sleeves for your hands.

Neutral Density Filter

I’m sure you have seen those beautiful waterfall photos on Instagram where the water has this blurred out flow effect. There are ways to achieve these effects using different editing programs but the best way to get a high-quality photo which shows the waterfall flow is by using a Neutral Density Filter. The filter allows you to shoot with a longer exposure which creates that flowy water effect.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 20

If you take photos in daylight using such a long exposure, the camera will capture too much light and your photos will be plain white. A Neutral Density Filter will make your photos darker and allows you to use a much longer exposure. For instance, if you get a 6-Stop Neutral Density filter, instead of a shutter speed of 1 second, you can now increase your shutter speed to 1 minute to get the same amount of light.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 21

There are a lot of Neutral Density filters on the market and not all create the beautiful crisp photo that you are looking for or hold the color. Many of them might discolor your photos and give it a red hue. The Breakthrough Photography ND Filter is one of the best on the market and delivers when it comes to sharp images as well as true colors.

Camera Bag

One of the most important things that is easily overlooked is having a great camera bag to protect your expensive camera. While putting your camera in a purse certainly works to carry it around, it does not protect the camera from drops and doesn’t keep dust particles to get into your camera and lens.

The type of camera bag you need of course depends on the type of camera you have and if you are looking to transport a few lenses at the same time.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 24

A great option for carrying a small camera with you and one additional lens is the Rofozzi Camera Bag. It is one of the most stylish camera purses on the market and is great to hold a camera and one lens. Note that it will only hold a small camera. If you own a full frame camera such as the Canon 6D Mark II, it won’t fit.  A great option which will hold a full frame camera is the CADeN Compact Shoulder Bag. As the name suggests, it is compact and small and will hold a camera and one lens.

If you need a bigger camera bag to store a large camera and lenses, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack is a great option. It is extremely durable and also has a padded sleeve for your laptop. It is one of the best and most versatile bags on the market and does a great job protecting your gear.

Phone Accessories to Boost Your Instagram

If you don’t have the budget or don’t want to invest in a camera just yet, there are a few things you can use to really improve your phone photography for your Instagram account. If you are looking to create short video clips for Instagram stories and Instagram Reels, having some of these gadgets will make content creation easier.

These Instagram phone accessories are incredibly useful for photos and video and will help you boost your account.

Clip on Lens

Having a Clip on Lens for your phone is probably the best kept secret out there. It can dramatically enhance your photos without you needing to buy the latest phone with a wide angle lens and spend thousands of dollars. You can create exceptional landscape photography as well as close-ups with a clip on lens and won’t even have to invest in a professional camera.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 25

The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit is one of the best on the market and is compatible with all single and dual-lens phones. It comes with an LED light and a travel case.

Ring Light

Having a ring light is incredibly useful when you are filming or shooting in low-light conditions and it really can make all the difference to have good quality phone content. Most restaurants, event venues, and homes are not as well lit as we would like for photography and filming purposes and using the phone flash is usually too harsh and not flattering at all. A ring light allows you to instantly have the perfect light. There are two types of ring lights and which one to get depends on what your primary phone content is.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 26

For close up videos or photos, the Selfie Ring Light is really one of the best investments and it’s super affordable. You can clip it on your phone or ask a friend to hold it for you and film and photograph everything you like as long as it is close. The Selfie Ring Light comes with 3 different light modes and is super light weight.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 27

For any video or photo projects which require a more heavy-duty light, the Neewer Ring Light Kit is your best choice. It has multiple light settings and can create a warm, cold, or studio light in a variety of different brightness levels. The Neewer Ring Light Kit also has an integrated phone or iPad tripod so you can easily mount your gadgets in the center for an easy way to create photos and videos. It also comes in a bag which makes it easy to transport your ring light despite the size.

Phone Tripod

One of the best things you can invest in is a phone tripod. It’s incredibly helpful when you are trying to take photos by yourself, trying to record yourself as you are doing try-on stories, make-up or hair tutorials, or if you’re filming the behind the scenes of a photoshoot.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 28

Because phone tripods are so useful, the most important feature is for them to be light and easy to transport so that you can take it with you wherever you go. It also makes sense to get a phone tripod which is easy to bend and twist so that you can get whatever angle you are looking for.

Depending on what you will use the tripod for, there are a few different models that are great.

To film make-up tutorials, hair tutorials, cooking tutorials, or anything indoors, the Tranesca Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder will change your life! You can easily clip it to a counter and can adjust it to whatever position you’re looking for. It also has an integrated ring light which makes filming tutorials even easier.

To film any videos outdoors such as behind the scenes of photoshoots, the UBeesize 67’’ Phone Tripod Stand checks all the boxes. With its light weight and adjustable legs and top, you can really position this tripod anywhere you want and get exactly the frame you are looking for. The light weight and collapsibility will make it easy to carry it around with you.


Do you ever wonder how other people manage to create incredibly smooth videos even though they are walking? They most likely use a gimbal. Gimbals have been on the market for years and have mostly been used by professional film makers. Since the upraise of phone video, there are more and more gimbals on the market specifically made for phones.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 29

This gadget is one of the most useful ones for any travel or fashion blogger who is looking to create video content with a moving camera. Your videographer can easily walk while filming and won’t have to worry about holding your phone steady.

One of the best gimbals on the market at this time is the DJI OM 4.

Portable Charger

Take it from someone who lives their life on 1% battery that a portable charger is a must have. The last thing you need is to be in the middle of shooting an Instagram campaign for a brand and have your phone run out of battery. A portable charger will safe you from all those moments when your phone can’t hold the battery because it’s too cold, or when you’re at an evening event and weren’t able to charge your phone all day.

Best Instagram Accessories and Gadgets 30

The type of charger that’s best for you really depends on what size you are looking for and how many charges you want it to hold. If you don’t like to worry about bringing a charger cable, the iWALK Small Portable Charger is your best option. It will easily plug into your phone without a cable and it is super small and lightweight to use your phone while charging.

If you are looking for a more heavy duty portable charger which can charge multiple phones and hold up to 4 phone charges, the Anker Portable Charger PowerCore is your best option. It is relatively small and will fit in any purse and it comes in multiple colors. It’s perfect for traveling when you don’t have time to charge your portable charger every day.

What Are Your Favorite Instagram Accessories and Gadgets?

How do you take photos and videos for Instagram? Do you use your phone or a camera? And which are your favorite accessories to create outstanding content? Let us know in the comments below! We are always looking for the newest and best gadgets to improve our content creation.

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