How to Pose for Instagram Photos – 75 Easy Poses for Instagram

Last Updated on July 24, 2022

Posing for Instagram photos is one of the hardest things to do! If you’re taking photos in public, chances are people are staring at you, it may be way too hot or too cold, there is a lot of pressure, and you have no idea how to pose. Trust us, we have been there. We got to the most incredible places in the world and when it comes to a good Instagram pose, our minds are blank! So how to pose for Instagram to make sure you are getting the best photos?

We are sharing these 75 super easy poses that look good in every single photo and that will have your Instagram posts stand out! These easy poses for Instagram will elevate your content no matter if you are just starting out, are a seasoned influencer, or simply want to take better vacation photos.

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Best Tips for How to Look Better in Photos

There are some very simple tips and tricks that are easy to follow but will instantly improve your photoshoot pose.

  1. Point your toes! If you are sitting, standing, walking, or jumping, try to point your toes. It will make your legs look like model legs and it generally looks a lot more elegant.
  2. Pull in your belly button. It is very easy to do and it has a noticeable difference when it comes to photoshoot poses.
  3. Pull your shoulders back and stand/sit up straight. Even though slouchy photo poses may look cool on some people, they are incredibly hard to master. Your best bet is to sit up straight and stand straight. It will also make you look taller and more confident.
  4. Push back your hips. This may sound weird, but if you push back your hips, you automatically elongate your torso, make your waist look smaller, and create a thigh gap.
  5. Keep your arms away from your body. This may sound weird but it is a game changer. If you press your arms against your body, the pose generally looks less elegant and your arms look bigger than they are. Hold them away from your body and it will create a more flattering silhouette.

These 5 tips will immediately improve all your photoshoot poses, regardless of what they are. With these in mind, here are our favorite 75 Instagram poses that always work! You will no longer be wondering how to pose for Instagram.

Easy Photoshoot Poses for Instagram

There are so many easy photoshoot poses for Instagram that you can master even if you are just starting out on Instagram and don’t know much about posing. These are our favorite easy photoshoot poses if you don’t know how to pose for Instagram that always look great and that don’t need a lot of practice to master.

1. The Walking Through

San Nicolas Streets Aruba

Similar blue Tiare Hawaii Dress / Similar Tiare Hawaii Backless Dress

One of the easiest photoshoot poses is to do the walk through. It is almost as easy as it sounds and it’s a great way to show off an outfit. Walk through’s are perfect in front of murals, in a city, or in front of an interesting building.

The great thing about the walk through pose is that you can add so many variations that it never looks the same. If you are wearing a dress, you can play with it. You can hold one arm out while playing with your hair or sunglasses with the other. Or if you have a purse, you can swing your purse in a fun way to add more movement.

Posing Tip: While it is great to have movement in your photo, it sometimes is easier if you “pretend” to walk. You would make a step forward and one step backward a few times in a row while the photographer clicks away. If you are not wearing shoes, make sure your toes are pointed to elongate your legs and for the best Instagram pose.

2. The Walking Away

One Day in Death Valley Itinerary Artists Palette Colors

Similar For Love & Lemons Dress / Similar Majorelle Dress / Lack of Color Hat

By far one of the easiest poses and one of our favorites is the walking away pose. It’s also one of the best Instagram poses as it is highly re-sharable. Whenever you pose a walk away Instagram post with a beautiful scenery, you have a higher chance of getting reposted by one of the big repost accounts because the face is not shown and the photo remains anonymous.

Another advantage of the walking away pose is that you don’t need to worry about putting any make-up on as your face is not shown. It’s a great picture pose and you can make it stand out with a cute outfit and a hat.

Tip: The best Instagram posing tip for this easy to do photo pose is to stand up straight, push back your hips, and pretend to take a step. This will make your legs look longer and will bring more movement to your pose. Hold your arms at an angle on the side or straight, away from your body.

3. The Look Back

Bettina in Red Dress in front of Blue Dome Church in Imerovigli, Santorini

Similar SAU LEE Red Dress

The look back Instagram pose is potentially the most famous pose there is. It is used everywhere from the red carpet to magazines. The pose can be very elegant and subtle and there are quite a few varieties to make it more interesting.

You can look back and look straight at the camera if you are looking for a more dramatic photo. If you are looking for a cute and shy pose, try looking down at the floor behind you.

Tip: To pose for look back photos, make sure your arms are bent at an angle and slightly away from the body. If you press your arms against your body, it will make them look bigger than they are. If you have a purse, you can hold on to the purse with one hand to add more fun to the photo. This is a winner for those new to learning how to pose for Instagram.

4. The Sitting Looking Away

Princess at Neuschwanstein Castle Germany

Similar Lovers + Friends Tulle Dress / Similar SAU LEE Tulle Dress

The sitting and looking away pose is the perfect Instagram pose for showing off a beautiful view or destination. It is also a great way to show any hair accessories and interesting low back tops and dresses as your back is shown predominantly.

For this pose, you can either have your legs completely hidden or somewhat to the side. If your legs are showing, make sure you point your toes and bend your knee on the leg closer to the camera. Having your leg bent will make this pose look even more elegant.

Tip: But what to do with the hands? That’s a great point. I like to bend my arms and have my hands in front of my body so they are not visible. If the elbow is visibly away from the body, it will make for a nicer silhouette. Alternatively, you can hold on to a hat or play with your hair.

5. The Arms in the Air

Flying Red Dress in Santorini

Similar SAU LEE Red Dress

An incredibly flattering Instagram pose, especially if you are wearing a low back dress or top, is to hold your arms in the air, with one arm bent and touching the other with your hand. Having your arms high will automatically straighten your back and elongate it making your silhouette look very elegant.

This photoshoot pose is great for scenic views and when the viewer should focus on what you as model are looking at.

Tip: Wearing a flowy skirt will really make this photoshoot pose pop. The pose also looks great with pants or a tight dress/skirt but a flowy dress or skirt will add more drama and action to this Instagram pose.

6. The Peace Sign Pose

Bettina at Reno Sign in Reno Nevada

Similar Majorelle Dress / Similar Hair Scarf

The peace sign pose might be one of the most common poses out there and can come across incredibly touristy. However, there are ways to make this Instagram pose look incredibly cute. Instead of holding the piece hand close to your body, try stretching your arm out completely and holding your hand up high in the air. If you are taking photos of the back, consider wearing a cute hair scarf or accessory and an interesting top / dress.

The peace pose also lends itself as a great addition if you are sitting down, doing a piggyback pose, or are with friends. This is a great simple pose to always remember for everyone still learning how to pose for Instagram.

Tip: For the perfect peace Instagram pose and back photo, make sure you pull back your shoulders and push back your hips. This will bring your waist away from the photographer which will make it look smaller.

7. The Laying Down Pose

Bettina at Yant Flats in Utah

Similar White Tularosa Dress / Similar BB Dakota by Steve Madden Dress

If you want to create something different and not always have the same standing poses in your Instagram feed, try laying down. Laying down can be a great photoshoot pose and is not used as often, which makes it stand out.

You can use your arms to lift you off the ground and create a triangle which is optically interesting for the viewer. With the other hand you can shield your face from the sun, play with your hair, sunglasses, or you can simply hide the hand behind your body.

Tip: If you show your legs, make sure you bend the leg closer to the camera and have the leg behind straight, creating a visual gap between the two legs. Also make sure you point your toes to optically elongate your legs.

Cute Poses for Instagram

There are so many cute poses for Instagram but it is incredibly hard to remember them when you’re on the spot and in the middle of a photoshoot. These are our favorite cute Instagram poses so you are never left standing at a photoshoot wondering how to pose for Instagram. These poses are a bit more difficult than the easy photoshoot posing ideas previously shared. They may require a bit more practice, but the outcome is definitely worth it.

8. The Blow Kiss

Greetings from Burque Sign in Albuquerque

Similar Retrofete Skirt / Cheaper Levi’s Option / Similar Bananhot Wrap Top / Cheaper Superdown Wrap Top

Possibly the cutest pose out there is the blow kiss pose! It is the perfect Instagram pose when you are standing or sitting close to an object or wall. It is also a really great pose if you are looking to take a portrait photo or half body photo.

Tip: You can do a blow kiss with both hands or only use one hand. If you only use one hand, put the other one on your hips or hold your arm stretched out on the side of your body – away from your body. The pose works really well if you bend forward a little bit and push back your hips, making your waist look smaller.

9. The Twirl

Bettina twirling in orange dress at blue dome church in Imerovigli Santorini

Similar Line & Dot Dress for under $100

The twirl is hands down my favorite photoshoot pose! It works incredibly well for scenic photos as well as for full body portraits. What makes the twirl such a great pose is that it adds so much movement to your photo and it immediately looks interesting to the viewer.

To get the perfect twirl photo, make sure your photographer is on continuous shooting mode and clicks multiple times while you are twirling. That way you have a higher chance of getting “the shot.” Decide whether you want a back twirl or a front twirl photo and let your photographer know. In case of a front twirl, hold your dress or skirt with your back to the camera and then start twirling, letting go of the dress. Once you face the photographer, stop your body from twirling and let the dress or skirt do its magic.

It sounds complicated, but if all you do is dance around and play with your skirt and you’ll get a great photo.

Tip: Like with the other Instagram poses, make sure your shoulders are back and your toes are pointed if you are not wearing shoes. The bigger your skirt, the more interesting the photo is going to look. If you follow our @thenexttrip Instagram feed, you’ll be sure to see that this is one of my favorites for how to pose for Instagram.

These are my favorite twirl skirts and dresses which look amazing in every single photo:

10. The Flick

Bettina with White Dress in Fall in the Kootenays Canada

Similar White Bronx and Banco Gown / Lack of Color Hat

Another pose which will make your photo look exceptional is the flick pose. You can do a flick pose when you are standing, walking away or towards the camera, and even when you are sitting. It is the perfect Instagram pose for when it’s windy as you can flick the skirt or dress with the wind. In the wind a twirl usually does not look as great, but a flick will work better with the wind.

The one sided flick is also a great photoshoot pose if you have a view with an object on one side of the frame. In this case, flick your skirt to the other side so you don’t cover the object.

Tip: You can hold out your flick hand higher than the skirt and hold it at an angle away from your body. The other hand can be held straight down or holding on to a prop such as a hat, sunglasses, hair, or purse.

11. The Jump

Bettina Jumping at Utah Sign

Similar Free People Shorts Under $100 / Similar White Lace Top from Hanky Panky

The jump pose is a bit more difficult to master than other poses but it is a great photoshoot pose is you’re struggling to figure out how to pose for Instagram as it’s light, fun, and is a great way to show excitement about the photo or location behind the photo.

In order to get a great jump, make sure you have a patient photographer and a place where you can practice as long as you like. The best way to get an off-the ground jump photo is by running a few steps and making a big leap in the air. The photographer should be clicking the entire time you’re in the air to make sure to capture the right moment.

Tip: To get an elegant looking jump pose, think about exaggerating a ballerina jump. The more you have your arms straight away from your body and your legs and toes pointed, the more poised the pose will look. Please make sure the area where you jump is completely flat and you are not trying this pose anywhere where you can fall. It is very easy to twist an ankle this way. Please be careful with this Instagram photoshoot pose.

12. The Top Down Sitting Pose

Bettina sitting on the edge overlooking horseshoe bend in Arizona

Similar Majorelle Dress

The top down sitting pose is basically what the name suggests. You are sitting somewhere, while the photographer is positioned higher than you to capture what you are looking at and everything below.

This is the perfect Instagram pose for big view point photos or photos at a pool, on a boat, lake, or ocean dock where there is an interesting scene or scenery below the object.

Tip: You can either sit sideways and show your legs or hide your legs slightly behind your body. Your hands can be hidden behind the body also or placed on the side. If you choose to place your hands on the side of your body, make sure your arm is slightly bent. The angle you make with your arm in this pose will make you look more elegant.

13. The Waving Pose

Bettina Waving at Hot Air Balloon in Lavender Fields France

Similar Lovers + Friends Tulle Dress / Similar SAU LEE Tulle Dress / Scalloped Lack of Color Hat

The waving pose is not a very common pose but it can be a very cute Instagram pose if the scenery makes sense and you are waving at something specifically. When you wave, make sure your arm is fully extended away from your body for a more elegant look. If you’re looking for something new, this can be a great addition for knowing how to pose for Instagram.

Tip: A cute back cut on your dress or top will really make this pose look more interesting. You can also think about wearing a bow in your hair or do a fun hairstyle.

14. The Ballerina Pose

Bettina Dancing in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan

Lovers + Friends Bodysuit / Similar Tulle Skirt

The ballerina pose is another one of my favorite poses and it’s a great pose for locations which are classic and elegant, such as typical Italian or Parisian architecture. This pose immediately adds elegance to your photo if done right and can look incredibly flattering. If your new in learning how to pose for Instagram, this can be a pose where it makes sense to practice at home first!

Tip: Lean a bit forward, stand on one leg and hold one leg straight back. Try to hold both legs as straight as possible for a more poised look. Hold your arms straight away from your body and make sure you make ballerina hands.

15. The Flamingo Pose

Las Coloradas Pink Salt Lakes Yucatan

Superdown Crop Top / Chiffon Maxi Skirt

This is called the flamingo pose because you are standing on one leg only while the other leg is forming a triangle. It combines the ballerina pose and the flick and you may need a little practice to get the perfect shot (at least it takes me a few tries).

It’s a great pose to show off nearby scenery vs. further away scenery and adds a lot of movement and fun to the photo. Also the act of standing on one leg and throwing the skirt will elongate your waist and looks very flattering.

Start by facing the photographer or stand slightly at an angle and pretend to make a step forward. Instead of making a step, pull up the leg that is facing the photographer and have it form a triangle. At the same time, throw back your skirt or dress to show off the pose and add even more movement to the photo.

Tip: I usually go back and forth in this photoshoot pose a few times until I get “the shot”. Make sure your toes are pointed if you are not wearing any shoes and that your arms are held straight, away from your body.

16. The Sitting Sideways Pose

One Day in Death Valley Itinerary Salt Flats

Lack of Color Hat

One of the easiest cute Instagram poses is the sitting sideways pose. It is extremely versatile and you can use it for close up photos as well as for scenic photos. This is a great one to always remember if you are learning how to pose for Instagram.

Tip: If you are showing your legs, consider not wearing shoes and make sure your toes are pointed. Having no shoes and your toes pointed will make your legs look longer in the photo. Bend the leg that is closer to the camera visibly. If you are wearing a dress or skirt, you can fan it out behind you to make the photo more interesting.

17. The Cross Legged Sitting Pose

Mouse Tank Road in Valley of Fire

Similar Tiare Hawaii Dress

The cross legged sitting pose is a great pose for close up shots and can look very elegant. This pose is easiest if you are wearing pants vs a skirt. If you wear a skirt or a dress, make sure that the bottom bent leg covers enough of the area between your legs. Alternatively, you can also ask your photographer to change the angle slightly.

Tip: This pose looks best if the photographer is at the same height as you or lower down. In this case they would need to either sit down as well or even lay down.

18. The Crouching Pose

Mural in Kanab Utah

The crouching pose is a super fun pose which is very easy to do and is great for any fashion or lifestyle photos. It’s perfect in front of murals or other close backgrounds. This pose is best when wearing pants or shorts vs. skirts as a wide skirt might hide your legs, and that’s what makes this such an interesting pose for Instagram.

Tip: This Instagram pose looks great if your photographer is at your level or even lower than you so the photo is shot from slightly bottom up.

19. The Walking Towards the Camera Pose

Rock Formations at White Pocket Arizona

Similar Free People Shorts Under $100 / Similar Free People Crop Top Under $50

A great starter pose for everyone who wants to learn how to pose for Instagram is the walking towards the camera pose. It is incredibly easy and there are a few tips on how you can make it more fun. This Instagram pose is perfect when wearing pants, shorts, or short skirts.

Tip: Cross your legs visibly when you are walking which makes your legs look longer. Make sure you point your toes and pull in your belly button for better posture. You can hold one arm straight down behind you or in front of you and use the other one to play with a prop such as glasses, hair, a hat, or a purse.

20. The Dancing Pose

Ghost Town Austin, Nevada

One of my favorite poses that is so much fun to do is the dancing pose. It is very similar to a twirl pose but looks better with a short skirt or a skirt with fringe.

Tip: Twist your hips back and forth and bend one leg and hold it sideways to cover the other leg to make it look more fun. You can swing your arms back and forth as well but make sure you hold them away from your body. Mastering this one will have everyone wondering where you learned how to pose for Instagram!

Cute Beach Poses for Instagram

Learning how to pose for Instagram on the beach is a completely new skill and can add some added difficulties as the background is not always as visually interesting as in the city or in the mountains. However, playing with the sand and the waves can add a lot of movement and make your Instagram photos stand out.

21. The Legs in the Air

The Next Trip at Cancun Beach with Oversized Hat

One of the most popular beach poses on @thenexttrip is the legs in the air pose. It is by far the most liked and commented on photo and has been saved over 3,000 times! It is a very easy beach pose and yet so effective to show off the crystal clear water and your beach tan without being too revealing.

Tip: Make sure you point your toes and cross your legs in a way that there is space between your feet. Bring a big hat (not a floppy hat) that you can use to hide your body and put more emphasis on the background. Ask your photographer to go low down and take the photo straight on to have the effect of the hat hiding the body.

22. The Playing with a Palm Tree

The Next Trip in Puerto Vallarta Beach

Lovewave Bikini Top / Lovewave Bikini Bottoms

A great way to show off tropical beaches is by using palm trees in your Instagram poses. There are several ways on how to pose for Instagram with a palm tree. If the palm tree is low, you can easily grab it and bring it towards you so it covers half of the photo. Sometimes you can also find discarded palm leaves on the beach which you can grab and add to your photoshoot pose.

Tip: Push your hips back and angle the camera facing leg to elongate your upper body and make your legs look slimmer.

23. The Palm Tree Shadow

Manchebo Beach Resort Beach

Lovewave Bikini Top / Lovewave Bikini Bottoms / White Lovewave Duster

A unique beach photoshoot pose is to use the shadow of a palm tree in the sand and pose next to it or with it. You can either lay next to the shadow, sit within the shadow so it casts an interesting pattern on your back, or walk next to it.

Tip: This Instagram beach pose is only possible when it’s sunny and very bright. If it’s cloudy, the palm tree shadows are not going to be pronounced enough to show up in the photo. Furthermore, if it’s windy the palm tree will be moving to much to capture your photo.

24. The Throwing Sand

Throwing Sand at San Diego beach

Similar Free People Shorts Under $100 / Similar Lovers + Friends Top

Throwing sand in the air is a very effective beach pose which looks incredibly fun and captures everyone’s attention. The beach pose itself is not very difficult. Kneeling is likely the best so you can move your arms freely. As a word of caution, don’t try to master this how to pose for Instagram idea before going somewhere fancy, as your hair will be full of sand when you are done your photoshoot!

Tip: Make sure it is fine sand and that it is not windy. If it is windy, it is harder to achieve the sand arch effect. Grab a large amount of sand with your palms open and swing your arms over your head. Make sure your photographer has the phone on live mode or shoots in continuous mode on the camera to capture the movement.

25. The Running Through the Waves

Splashing in the Waves in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Lovers + Friends Dress

Possibly the most fun Instagram beach pose is playing with the waves and making a big splash. The splash is not only fun to do but also looks great in photos.

Tip: If you shoot at sunrise or sunset, see if you can position yourself so that the light will illuminate the splashes. This will create an even more dramatic effect. Your followers will all be asking where you perfected how to pose for Instagram.

Best Bikini Poses for Instagram

You want those beautiful vacation Instagram photos and to show off your tropical getaway and how much fun you had on the beach. But for most, posing in a bikini can be really daunting. Bikinis are not known for being able to “hide” certain areas you may not want to show and especially if you indulged in guacamole and chips the night before, they can look less than flattering. No worries! We have you covered!

There are some incredibly easy ways for how to pose for Instagram in a bikini that look flattering without having to use photoshop! These poses are our favorite bikini or swimsuit poses and are great to get beach or pool photos after large meals and without going to the gym.

26. The Pretzel Pose

Luxury Cabo Resorts Pool Bar

The pretzel pose is one of the best bikini Instagram poses. It looks very interesting and elegant, while not giving away much. Getting into this pose can be a bit tricky but because there is no movement, it is relatively easy to capture from a photography perspective.

This pose looks best when sitting in an area with a simple background and foreground such as a pool edge. Sit with your legs angled, thereby having one leg as close as possible to the ground. Twist the upper body so that the left elbow sits on top of the right knee, and let your arm hang relatively free. The other arm is hiding behind the body and can add more stability to this pose.

Tip: Sitting up straight in this pose can be quite difficult. Try to sit up as straight as you can. For extra drama and mystery, use an oversized beach hat to cover your face.

27. The Sitting and Looking Away

Sitting among Flamingos on Flamingo Island

Ruffle Swimsuit from Eberjey

If you are looking for how to pose for Instagram to show off your bathing suit, look no further. This is one of the best poses to show an interesting back of a bathing suit. It is also an extremely easy Instagram pose if you are new to posing for Instagram photos.

Tip: All you need to do is tell your photographer to sit down behind you and shoot from your level so that your legs are hidden. Make sure to push back your hips a little bit and lean a bit forward to make your back look longer.

28. The Walking Away with a Cover Up

Infinity Pool at WaPedregal Los Cabos

Lovewave Duster

A great way to show off a pool area or beach in a bikini without revealing too much is using cover-ups. If you have a long coverup, you can create a fun dress twirl illusion which ads a lot of elegance and movement to your bikini photo.

Tip: Chose a cover up with an interesting pattern for more drama. Here are some of my favorite cover-ups: Waimari Kimono, Tularosa Cover-Up, Tularosa Cover-Up

29. The Walking With Legs Crossed

Leaning Palm tree in Tulum Beach

Lovewave Bikini Top / Lovewave Bikini Bottoms

The walking in a bikini Instagram pose can be very simple, yet beautiful. If you feel insecure posing in a bikini without a cover-up and fully standing up, no worries, there are some very simple Instagram posing tips you can follow to make it look more flattering.

Tip: When walking, make sure one leg is slightly in front of the other and covers the other leg a bit visually. This will add curves as well as make your legs look slimmer. Point your toes and step on your tip toes to elongate your legs. Push your hips back slightly as this creates a bigger gap between your legs and makes the hips look less wide (as they are further away from the camera). Flex your abs and hold your shoulders back to elongate your torso. If you want to make your hips look slimmer, you can hold one arm lightly in front of your hips so it covers a portion of it.

30. The Hands in the Air

Polar Dip in Vermillion Lakes Banff National Park

A perfect way to elongate your torso in your Instagram poses is to hold up your arms in the air. It’s a great tip for how to pose for Instagram if you are half way in the water or kneeling in the sand.

Tip: Hold one arm straight up and the other one at an angle so that you create a rectangle. The simple act of holding your arms up will make your back look longer and the waist slimmer.

31. The Laying on the Infinity Pool Edge

Infinity pool at Sumberkima Hill Retreat in Bali

There is nothing better than an infinity pool on vacation and a great way to show off the infinity pool is by playing with the reflection. There are multiple ways to show off the pool but laying on the edge of the pool is one of the easiest Instagram poses for infinity pools.

Tip: To make the reflection look more interesting, try to have as few contact points with the water as possible. Create a gap between your back and the water, as well as between your legs and the water. If you’ve mastered this aspect of how to pose for Instagram, the next step is shooting at sunrise so that there is as little movement in the water as possible.

32. The Putting Your Hands on Your Hips

Beach and Turquoise Water in Turks and Caicos

Similar Low Plunge Swimsuit from Superdown

A photoshoot pose almost as old as time is putting your hands on your hips. There are a few tricks to make this pose look even more interesting. You can play with your foreground and background to create a more interesting photo.

Tip: Push back your hips to create a thigh gap and put your hands on your hips so that the fingers almost touch. This will give the illusion of a smaller waist.

33. The Sitting Sideways

Beach at Punta Mita Mexico

Similar Bikini Top / Similar Bikini Bottoms

A great Instagram pose to show off a bikini is sitting sideways on the beach. Angle yourself slightly towards the camera and have one leg stretched out while the other one is angled and touching the sand. Make sure you sit up very straight and pull your shoulders back. For more support and to create more angles, move your arm out away from your body.

Tip: You can use a fun prop such a palm tree leaf or a coconut to make this photo even more interesting. This is a great classic pose when remember how to pose for Instagram in a bikini.

34. The Kneeling Pose

Sitting Among Flamingos on Renaissance Island Aruba

Red Dress Bikini Top / Red Dress Bikini Bottoms

If you are still not sure how to pose for Instagram in a bikini, try the kneeling pose and looking away from the camera. It is incredibly easy to get right and can be very flattering. Lean forward a little but and push back your hips to elongate your back and make your waist look slimmer.

Tip: Your butt will look widest if you put the full weight on your feet when kneeling. If you lift it up a little bit, it will appear more narrow. Pick whatever pose you prefer.

35. The Sitting at the Pool Top Down Pose

Breakfast by the Pool in Santorini

Lack of Color Hat

Another way of how to pose for Instagram at the pool that is incredibly instagrammable is the sitting top down pose. It is a perfect way to show off morning coffee, breakfast, a fun towel, or other things by the pool and really transmit that vacation vibe.

Tip: The photographer will need to stand directly above you to get the right angle. It might be easiest if they stand on a chair or table. If you want your legs to appear slimmer, lift them slightly off the ground so they float in the air.

36. The Floating Pose

Adult Pool at St. Regis Punta Mita

By far the most fun bikini Instagram pose is to float in the pool while having the photo taken. Having your arms straight up and one leg straight with the other one angled makes a very interesting photoshoot pose and is very flattering as well.

Tip: In most cases, you will need a drone for this type of photo but you can also do floating poses with the photographer standing at the edge of the pool or with the photographer standing on a pool bridge. When learning how to pose for Instagram, this can be a bit more challenging as you have to learn how to stay posed while floating and moving on the water!

How to Pose for Instagram with a Prop

To get a great photo, it is not only about how to pose for Instagram but also about the composition of the photo and what props you use. Interesting foregrounds and props can really make a photo stand out. These are the best photoshoot poses with a prop to take your Instagram to the next level.

37. The Framing with an Item

Heart Shaped Window in Nice, France

Lack of Color Hat

Having an object in the foreground of your photo immediately makes your photo more interesting. It can be set up as a leaf or a heart you look through, or alternatively a flower at the bottom of the frame. Adding depth to the photo is a great way to capture people’s attention.

Tip: Make sure you use a low f-stop on your camera to get more depth. On your iphone, you would shoot in portrait mode and make sure the focus is on the person, not on the item in the foreground.

38. The Throwing Leaves

Bettina Throwing Leaves in Banff National Park in Fall

WeWoreWhat High-Waist Jeans / Denim Shirt / Lack of Color Hat

Fall leaves are a great way to bring more fun into a photoshoot. A great photoshoot pose with fall leaves is throwing some leaves in the air and letting them fall to the ground around you. This is a classic Fall Instagram photoshoot pose.

Tip: This will work much better if the leaves are dry, as wet leaves tend to clump together and just drop like a rock. Have your photographer set a high shutter speed on the camera and shoot in continuous mode to capture the movement.

39. The Coffee Cup Looking Down

Coffee on the balcony of Malcolm Hotel Canmore with Mountains in the Background

How to pose for Instagram with a coffee cup is super easy and it will almost always look cute! All you need is a cup of coffee and a cute background. This pose works great if you are shooting more close up photos, and is perfect indoors or outdoors.

Tip: To add some extra drama to your photo when it’s cold outside, take the photo outside and use fresh coffee so that there is visible steam in your photo.

40. The Umbrella Pose

Bettina on Paris Rooftop with Eiffel Tower View

Similar Lovers + Friends Tulle Dress / Similar SAU LEE Tulle Dress / Umbrella on Amazon

A great prop for an Instagram pose is an umbrella. It is not used that often but is very effective to capture the viewers attention. The cuter the umbrella, the better the picture will look. You can opt for a lace umbrella in summer to give your photo a more romantic vibe or use a bright-colored rain umbrella in Fall.

Tip: Create your own Fall style umbrella by taping colored leaves on an umbrella. This is a great way to show your audience that you really know how to pose for Instagram and can take it to the next level.

41. The Photographer Pose

Bettina taking a photo of Kyle on San Diego beach

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One of our favorite props to pose for Instagram with is a camera. It’s a lot of fun to create a behind the scenes moment and show how the photographer would capture the subject of the photo. This also works great if you want to show how you would capture scenery.

Tip: This Instagram pose looks even cooler if you use any vintage or polaroid camera!

42. The Catching Snowflakes Pose

Catching Snow Flakes at Pyramid Lake Resort Spa in Jasper

Instagram posing in winter can be very difficult, especially when it’s cold. However, snow will make all your photos look cute! One of the best winter Instagram poses is to pretend to catch a snowflake or look up into the snow.

Tip: If it snows, but not quite enough for the snow to show in photos, no worries. There is an app called Lens Distortions which is free and with which you can subtly edit in some snow flakes.

How to Pose for Instagram with a Hat

Hats are the perfect prop for any travel photo and the perfect tool to work with when posing for Instagram. How to pose for Instagram with a hat is incredibly easy. There are a lot of different varieties and all of them are fun and make your photo stand out. One other benefit when posting hat photos is that your chances of getting reposted by large repost accounts are larger as your face is oftentimes not showing as prominently.

Let’s dive into the easiest Instagram poses with a hat.

43. The Holding the Hat and Looking Away

Bettina in Blooming Sage Field in Provence France

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The easiest way of how to pose on Instagram with a hat is to look away and hold your hat with one hand. Make sure the hand closer to the camera is holding the hat to create more angles in the photo. You can hold the other arm slightly away from your body and bend it to create a flattering silhouette.

Tip: This Instagram pose looks really great with an interesting back cut on your top or dress.

44. The Hat Face Cover

Pool at St. Regis Punta Mita

Lovewave Bikini Top / Lovewave Bikini Bottoms

A fun way to use a hat in your Instagram photos is to cover your face with it. You can do so in several different ways. One way is to have the photographer stand next to you and you tilt the hat down so your face is covered. Another way is to have the photographer stand above you so they can take a picture top down and the hat covers your head as well as part of your body.

Tip: This picture pose is even more fun if you hold another prop outstretched in your hand. Remember this one for how to pose for Instagram on your next pol or beach vacation.

45. The Throwing the Hat

Throwing Hat in the Air at Lavender Fields Provence

Another fun way to pose for a picture with a hat is to throw it in the air. Make sure it is not overly windy when you try this pose, otherwise your hat might blow away!

Tip: Use a sturdy hat, not a floppy hat as a floppy hat might not fall nicely and will not look as round in photos. This is also not a great pose to do on the side of a cliff or tall building, as you could easily lose your hat; which is definitely not what you want to do when learning how to pose for Instagram!

46. The Standing and Holding the Hat

Ghost Town Austin, Nevada

If you don’t feel like wearing the hat because it might ruin your hair, you can easily show off the hat when carrying it. You can combine this pose with one of the poses above where you learned how to pose for Instagram when standing, walking, or jumping.

Tip: Hat Instagram poses are even more fun if you have a hat with a fun writing on it. Our favorite hat shop is Myaraa which is where we got this Vacay Mode hat from.

47. The Sitting and Holding the Hat

Las Coloradas Pink Salt Lakes Yucatan

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Similar to the standing and holding hat pose, a great photo pose with a hat is sitting down while holding your hat. This pose is great for close by scenic objects such as sitting by a pool, lake, ocean, or sitting on the edge of a mountain.

Tip: Hold the hat if it is windy and to create more angles in your photo, which makes the photo more interesting to the viewer. Use the hand that is closer to the camera to hold your hat with.

Cute Poses for Pictures with Friends

Getting your friends to pose with you in a picture is always so much fun, but coming up with a natural group pose can be extremely difficult. These are our favorite easy poses for Instagram with friends that look natural and fun and are perfect if not all of your friends already know how to pose for Instagram.

48. The Picnic Setup

Girls Picnic in San Francisco California

Having a picnic setup is one of our favorite poses for Instagram with friends. It is incredibly Instagrammable and perfect for any summer vibe photos. The best way to pose for picnic photos is if everyone is looking in their own direction and is focusing on a task or object; or if everyone looks at each other and laughs.

Tip: The props can really make a difference on if your picnic photo will stand out. Make sure you have a cute blanket and picnic basket for your photo and get some fresh flowers or snacks to add to the flair and mood you are creating.

49. The Walking Towards the Camera and Holding Hands

Bettina and Talia walking at Alabama Hills

A cute picture pose to do with your friend is walking towards to the camera holding hands. You can easily combine this pose with holding a hat, doing a peace sign or carrying other props such as a purse. In addition, this pose also works for a group of three, or potentially more!

Tip: To make this Instagram photo pose stand out even more, consider wearing matching or complementary outfits.

50. The Looking Away

Two Girls sitting in Stanley Park in Vancouver in the Fall

Another great Instagram photo pose with a friend is to sit down or stand next to each other and look at the view. You can easily combine this pose with a peace sign pose or with wearing hats. This Instagram pose is perfect for showing off a girls trip with beautiful vistas.

Tip: This picture pose also looks really cute with a picnic blanket and a few fun props and can be tailored to suit the season like I did with this photo to make it into a Fall Instagram photo.

51. The Cheers

Bettina and Mom Cheersing at Hyatt Zilara Cancun

Possibly one of the easiest Instagram poses with friends is the “Cheers pose.” It’s a great way to show of a good time, to promote certain beverages, or to celebrate. You may have already done this before learning how to pose for Instagram, but it’s still a worthy photoshoot pose that’s incredibly versatile.

Tip: You can also do a cheers pose alone and cheers towards the camera. To make the photo more dramatic, use a low f-stop or shoot in portrait mode on your phone to blur out the background.

52. The Peace Sign

Bettina and Talia at Artist Palette in Death Valley

The peace sign with friends is one of the ultimate tourist poses, but it can be so much more fun than that. To make this pose more dynamic and interesting, stretch your arm out fully and think about matching or complementary outfits for you and your friend! If you are showing off the scenery with a full body picture, keep the position of your legs in mind. Having them slightly crossed in a step pose will look most flattering as it will make your legs appear longer.

Tip: Use fun hair accessories or a nice back cut top / dress to make this Instagram pose with friends stand out even more.

53. The Twin Twirl

Bettina and Talia at Ice Castle in Wisonsin

By far the most eye catching Instagram pose for friend photos is the twin twirl. It requires a little bit of practice in order for the timing to match perfectly, but it is so fun and is guaranteed to capture your audience’s attention. This can be a difficult one to master when learning how to pose for Instagram, but it is surely going to work to create an eye-catching Instagram photo.

Tip: To make this pose stand out even more, think about matching outfits or complementing outfits. It also helps to do a countdown so you and your friend twirl at the same time, which also helps the photographer.

54. The Piggyback

Bettina and Talia at Joshua Tree Park

Another fun pose when you don’t know how to pose for Instagram with a friend is doing the piggyback pose. This pose is of course dependent of the strength of the standing person. If it works out, it is a lot of fun and looks great! Make sure you practice this pose somewhere safe to make sure you and your friend have the strength to do it. Please be careful and don’t hurt yourself!

Tip: The sitting person can think about doing a fun hand gesture to make this picture pose even more interesting.

Cute Instagram Poses for Couples

You’ve practiced posing for pictures by yourself and pretty much have it down to a science. But now you also want an Instagram photo with your significant other. Or you are starting a new couple Instagram account but have no idea where to start?

In any case, this section of this How to Pose for Instagram guide is for you! We are sharing our favorite couple picture poses for every skill level. These poses are guaranteed to captivate your audience and will make your Instagram photos stand out among other couple photos.

55. The Look Back

Kyle and Bettina at Venice Beach Intersection in Los Angeles

Camila Coelho Dress

One of the easiest couple picture poses is the look back. It’s a great pose when you are trying to show off cityscapes, landscapes, and even for portrait photos. This pose is great for story telling and it is one of our favorites when teaching other couples how to pose for Instagram.

Tip: Walk 1-2 steps away from the camera and look back on the count of 3 to get the most authentic look back. Don’t forget to smile as you turn around and look at the camera.

56. The Holding Hands Walking Away

Bettina and Kyle at Monument Valley Utah

A great way of how to pose for Instagram as a couple when you are trying to focus on the scenery is the walking away pose when holding hands. This is a very popular couple Instagram pose, and can also be used as a friends Instagram pose, when traveling.

Tip: Think about how the outfits are going to look together in a photo and whether they complement each other. The easiest outfits for couple photos include a lot neutrals such as white, beige, black, and navy blue.

57. The Gaze or Almost Kiss

Aruba Marriott Stellaris Casino Beach

Similar Tiare Hawaii Dress

How to pose for Instagram in a romantic manner without going too far? This is the perfect pose. The gaze or almost kiss is a great way to show romance without going too far for some. The photo will generally look better if you are almost kissing as opposed to actually kissing. The small gap between your faces adds to the photo and also allows you both to keep smiling.

Tip: One way to make this pose more romantic is if one person holds the other person’s face to symbolize the leaning in for the kiss.

58. The Lift or Dirty Dancing Lift

Pool at Solar de las Animas in Tequila

Lovers + Friends Swimsuit

The lift or Dirty Dancing pose is exactly as difficult as it sounds. It looks incredibly fun and will turn any pool photos into an attention grabbing post. It helps if the jumper is very agile and the lifter can easily handle the jumpers body weight. When learning how to pose for Instagram as a couple, this pose will surely take your photos to the next level.

Tip: Make sure you practice somewhere safe – the pool is the perfect place, but away from the edge. Set your camera on continuous shooting to make sure it captures this moment.

59. The Dip

Vanderbilt Suite Balcony at InterContinental Barclay NYC

The dip is a relatively easy pose that always looks impressive. This dance inspired pose brings a lot of movement to the photo which is great to show off a happy relationship.

Tip: This pose looks better the more you can dip/bend. To add more drama to the photo, consider wearing a large flowing dress for more wow effect.

60. The Holding Hands and Looking at Each Other

Costa Rica Itinerary Marriott Hacienda Belen

Another staple when it comes to couple picture poses Instagram is when holding hands and looking at each other. It is a cute couple pose to show off the connection between two people and can be used in a portrait setting as well as when it comes to showing scenic pictures.

Tip: This picture pose looks very dynamic if you are walking towards the camera or posing in a step motion. As with all couple poses for Instagram, it pays to consider matching or complementary outfits.

61. The Legs Around Him / Her

Pizza by the Pool at Le Blanc Cabo

The legs around him (or her) is one of the most versatile picture poses and can be used in almost any setting. It works in a pool as well as on land. It’s a super simple Instagram pose for couples but a great way to show off the romance between two people.

Tip: Depending on what story you want to tell with your photo, you can change the photography angle and stand with a back to the camera. If you are looking to tell the story of the couple, shooting from a side angle works great. You can also combine this pose with a dip pose for even more drama.

62. The Leaning Into Each Other

Beach and Palm Trees at Manchebo Beach Resort Aruba

Lovewave Duster

An incredibly romantic but often overlooked picture pose for couples is the leaning into each other, or almost a backwards hug. This is a great pose to show the interaction between a couple and great for those just gettign started in learning how to pose for Instagram.

Tip: Instead of both people looking ahead, they can turn their heads to look towards each other for added romance.

63. The Sitting Leaning Into Each Other

Aruba Marriott H2Oasis Adult Pool

Lovewave Bikini Top / Lovewave Bikini Bottoms

Similar to the standing and leaning into each other is the sitting and leaning into each other. It is just as romantic when it comes to how to pose for Instagram as a couple but this pose is better suited for pool, ocean, lake, dock, and mountain top photos as opposed to other frames.

Tip: Having you and your partner look at each other will make this pose even more romantic. Consider where each of you place your hands to determine how much romance you want to add to this couple photo pose.

64. The Sitting Embrace

Sunset on the Dock at Hilton Aruba

The sitting embrace is a great pose if the focus of the photo is lower down, such as the horizon with a beautiful sunset. This couple picture pose looks a bit easier than it is as both partners need to be a little flexible to sit so close together.

Tip: Make sure you have your photographer take the photo from the same level as you are both sitting as the pose looks best from the side, as opposed to looking down on the couple.

65. The Carrying Pose

Infinity Pool at Le Blanc Cancun

Who does not love to be carried? The carrying picture pose is as old as time and you have probably seen it countless times in romantic movies. Why not create a couple picture with it? All you need for this pose is a strong partner and a beautiful view. It’s a perfect way to capture some magic between you two as you learn how to pose for Instagram.

Tip: It is easiest for the person who lifts if the other person jumps to get into position and puts a lot of weight on their shoulders. Another option to make this couple pose cuter is to hold both arms around the partner’s neck.

66. The Leaning in for a Kiss

Couple kissing at frozen vermillion lakes in Banff National Park

This Instagram pose is similar to the gaze but adds a bit more motion by having 1 or 2 partners lean towards each other. It tells more of a longing story than the gaze.

Tip: You can turn this into a hidden kiss pose if one of the partners holds an object such as a hat, flowers, or anything else out in front of the faces, so that the faces are hidden. This can add some more charm or mystery to the photo.

67. The Sitting Pose

Mar Y Vino Rooftop Restaurant

The couple sitting pose is very easy to do and can add a little more romance, as opposed to sitting on different chairs. A great way to execute the sitting pose is to sit sideways on your partner to add more angles to your Instagram couple pose.

Tip: Combining the sitting pose with the gaze pose can add more romance to it. This is a great pose to learn and is incredibly versatile when learning how to pose for Instagram.

68. The Twirl Pose

Bettina and Kyle at Ahau Tulum Entrance

Tiare Hawaii Dress

One of the most fun couple poses to create is the twirl pose! This pose is great when you are trying to bring movement in your photo and want to show off architecture or scenery. It does not work as well for close-up or portrait style photos.

Tip: The twirl Instagram pose works great if one person wears a flowy skirt or dress and twirls on the spot, whereas the other partner stands on the same spot, supporting their partner.

69. The Running Pose

Couple Running Through Ocean Waves in Cancun

Another way to bring fun and movement into your photos is by creating the run pose. It’s a great pose but not as easy to master as others because you want to make sure you and your partner run in a synchronized manner and jump at the same time.

Tip: Count down and decide which leg to start running with first to make the most out of this picture pose. It may feel incredibly awkward at first, but the best way to shoot this Instagram couple pose is by over-emphasizing each jump up and down instead of trying to run far and cover some distance. It feels weird, but looks better in photos, which is a great tip to remember when learning how to pose for Instagram.

70. The Laying Down

Couple Kissing at Monument Valley

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The laying down pose is one of our favorite couple poses because it ads a surprise factor to the photo. This is a great pose for scenery photos. Please be careful when creating this pose on a road and make sure the road is completely empty and you can see for miles to be safe.

Tip: Have your photographer take the photo very low down. The photo looks better sideways rather than top down.

71. The Piggyback

Chicago Sign in Chicago

A picture pose that works great for couples as well as friends is the piggyback pose. It’s a very simple and easy pose you can keep in your back pocket in case you run out of ideas when thinking about how to pose for Instagram as a couple. The pose brings a lot of fun to the photo and is perfect for sharing upbeat stories.

Tip: Combine the piggyback with the gaze by looking at each other or add the peace sign pose to make the image more compelling.

72. The Kiss

Couple Kissing at Sand Dunes in Saskatchewan

The last, but certainly not least, picture pose for couple pictures is the kiss. No picture posing list would be complete without having the kiss pose. It is a great Instagram pose for couples to share their love story. You can make this pose look more interesting if you pick a photo angle which is slightly to the side of one of the people.

Tip: If you want to have even more romance in this photo, think about doing a foot pop with the kiss.

How to Pose for Drone Instagram Photos

Drone photography is a lot of fun and coming up with new and interesting drone poses for Instagram can be just as much fun. The drone offers a completely different perspective which is hard to achieve any other way. As a rule of thumb, you want to create a pose which uses up a lot of space for drone photography as the camera tends to be further away from you.

These are the best drone poses for Instagram.

73. The Laying Down and Spreading Arms

Luxury Cabo Resort Hot Tub Pool

Lovewave Bikini Top / Lovewave Bikini Bottoms

For most drone photos, you want to make yourself as big as possible and stretch out your arms and your legs. One way to make this pose look more elegant is if you angle one leg and keep the other one straight while floating in a pool or the ocean.

Tip: Drones have quickshot features or timer features which come in very handy as you can have the drone take this photo without holding the remote.

74. The Sitting in a Hammock

Hammocks at Le Blanc Cancun

Lovewave Bikini Top / Lovewave Bikini Bottoms

Hammocks are great ways to take drone photos. Whereas it is usually difficult to pose in a hammock gracefully as the fabric of the hammock tends to fold over, you don’t have any of these problems when taking drone photos straight top down.

Tip: Make sure the drone is not obstructed by trees or too close to a building. You don’t want to crash your drone while figuring out how to pose for Instagram!

75. The Laying Down Together

Sunbeds at Le Blanc Cabo

Lovewave Bikini Top / Lovewave Bikini Bottoms / White Lovewave Duster

Drone photography is really great for couple pictures. One of our favorite picture poses for drone photography is laying next to each other with one of the partner on their side, looking at the other person.

Tip: You can again use the quickshot feature of the drone to take this type of photo. The timer will allow you to take the photo without you visibly holding the remote.

How to Pose for Instagram Summary

How do you pose for Instagram? Do you know any poses which we should add to this list or did you try any of these and have some tips? Let us know in the comments below!

Save this post to your How to Pose for Instagram Pinterest board to remember these top 75 poses!

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