It’s High Time for High Tea, Hotel Peninsula Chicago

In case you’re planning a weekend getaway to Chicago, I know just the right place to spend an elegant afternoon. Especially, if you’re visiting during the cold winter months. This is the perfect place to rent some ice skates and enjoy a romantic afternoon on the rink, away from the hustle and bustle on Michigan Avenue, followed by a great meal or afternoon tea. The Sky Rink at the Peninsula Hotel.

Sarah and I followed the little blue ice rink signs until we arrived in front of a completely empty ice rink outdoors on the 4th floor of the hotel, including a rustic Swiss chalet.




After renting our skates, which are $15 each, we stumbled onto the ice (yes, you read correctly, at least it was a graceful stumble).



We were both excited about the ice skating adventure, though we had forgotten that we’re not actually very talented ice skaters. Luckily for us, this was the end of the skating season and so the “ice” was really a plastic substitute.




After a few rounds, and not yet making complete fools of ourselves, we decided not to test our luck any further and head inside for some afternoon tea.

Seated right at the window and overlooking the ice rink, we chose our teas and enjoyed the view.



I must admit, I had quite high expectations of the high tea. The last time I went for high tea was last year in the UK (story to follow in a future blog post) and it was amazing. So the stakes were high.





The scones had arrived and we couldn’t wait to dig in.



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Together with two types of scones, we were served raspberry jam, lemon custard, and some proper clotted cream.



It was absolutely scrumptious! We were in food heaven and happily finished it all. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon.


Are you planning your next trip to Chicago yet?



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