10+ Free Instagram Story Questions Templates For Bloggers

Instagram stories are by far the best way to connect with your followers. They are quick and easy to create and super interactive. The Instagram feed is nice and all, but let's be honest, what we really do when we wake up or before going to bed is watch stories!
I put together some free Instagram story questions templates for you to use in your stories. These Instagram story questions templates are perfect for when you are lacking story content (we should be posting every day, right?) and when you want to share more about yourself! I also put together an extensive guide on how to grow your Instagram account to 10k.

What Are Instagram Story Templates?


Instagram story templates are layouts with graphics, text, or animations that have been pre-made and you can use in your own stories. Chances are that you have probably seen them on Instagram accounts countless times. Many bloggers and brands use them as part of their branding strategy. Instagram story templates provide a great way to keep your stories cohesive and in line with your branding, without taking up a lot of time and work.


Why Should I Be Using Instagram Story Templates?


The Instagram algorithm is a very tricky thing. If you want to grow your audience, posting on your feed and stories regularly is necessary. After all, how are other people supposed to find you if you don't post? Your story views will increase the more you post stories because every time you post a story, you will show up at the front of your follower's story feed.


Now imagine posting one story and then nothing else for a whole day. Your followers will have to scroll all the way through their story feed to find you. That's why it's best to post multiple stories daily as you will show up at the front of the story feed over and over. I'm by no means an Instagram expert but if you struggle with being action blocked on Instagram, this is my guide on how to fix an Instagram Action Block.



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But how can I post so many stories daily? That's a great question! Most of us don't have so much time to record stories all day. This is where Instagram story questions templates come in handy. You can find your story templates online and use them or create your own (I use Canva to create them). Download/or create a few on a rainy Sunday, and you immediately have a few slides of story content without having to leave your couch.

Instagram story templates make it incredibly easy to share and connect with your followers. If you want your followers to notice, and remember your stories, using Instagram story templates is the perfect strategy!


How Do I Use Instagram Story Templates?


It is SUPER EASY! The beauty about having Instagram story questions templates is that they are super quick and easy to use! Here are the 6 steps to use story templates on your phone:

  1. Click on the template you like below
  2. Hold your finger down until a box pops-up
  3. Select "Add to Photos" or "Save"
  4. Open a new Instagram story in the Instagram App
  5. Click on the bottom left square which takes you to your Gallery and select the saved Instagram questions story template
  6. Fill out the template and post it!


Screenshot on How to Download Instagram Story Questions Templates on iphone


Free Instagram Story Questions Templates


I put together a few Instagram story questions templates for you to use for free! You can just download these and use them whenever you don't have any other story content to share or don't feel like creating any new stories.


Quarantine Edition Instagram Story Templates


Creating Instagram stories during every-day life is already super time consuming. But during quarantine, it is even worse to find something to talk about on stories! Creating content has become a chore as indoor content inspiration is simply not as exciting. This is why I created a set of fun quarantine Instagram story questions templates for you to use, including a quarantine snacks and quarantine activities challenge.


Instagram Story Template Quarantine Life in GIFs


Instagram Story Template Quarantine Snack Challenge


Instagram Story Questions Template Quarantine Activities Challenge


Travel Edition Instagram Story Questions Templates


Being a travel blogger can be a ton of fun! Sharing new places and countries with your followers is one of the main reasons why travel bloggers are travel bloggers. However, you can't be on the road all the time and most people don't travel full time. What should you be sharing if you're not traveling?

I created some cute travel Instagram story questions templates for you which you can use to share your latest travel goals, your bucket list accomplishments, and simply to share your love for travel. I also included a template on embarrassing travel moments for those days when you feel like sharing your mishaps on the road with your audience. Trust me when I say, you will get a ton of responses! Everyone loves to hear about mishaps!


Travel Instagram Story Questions Template US Bucket List


Travel Instagram Story Questions Template Embarrassing Travel Moments


Travel Instagram Story Questions Template 7 Travel Facts About Me


Travel Instagram Story Questions Template Travel Love


Travel Instagram Story Questions Template This or That


Q&A Instagram Story Templates


Sometimes, sharing basic facts about you will be the one thing that connects you most with your audience.ย  Your followers might connect with you over a shared love for ice cream, having grown up in the same city or State, or your favorite TV show. Such little details can turn a follower into a super-follower! If your audience feels connected to you, they will engage with your content, with your Instagram stories, and most importantly, they will keep following you.

I created some simple but very effective Instagram story questions templates for you for free which you can use to build exactly these connections with your followers. These templates are perfect for your audience to get to know you better.


Instagram Story Questions Template Q&A


Instagram Story Questions Template Fun Facts About Me


Instagram Story Questions Templates My Favorites


I would love for you to tag me when you use my templates so that I can get to know you better as well! I would love to follow along your journey and connect with you over a shared love of our favorite TV shows, favorite food, or dream vacation!


Pin these templates to your Instagram Pinterest board for those days when you are looking for Instagram story questions templates!


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