United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi Mosque Sunset



United Arab Emirates 6


Arabic. English widely spoken.

United Arab Emirates 7


United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED). Credit cards widely accepted.

United Arab Emirates 8

Capital: Abu Dhabi

Largest City: Dubai

Population: 10.1 million

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Best Known For:

Burj Khalifa and other skyscrapers, amazing shopping malls, luxury lifestyles.

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Consistently warm and dry desert climate. July and August are considered too hot for traveling.

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Favorite Eats:

Shawarma, Baleelat, Emirati sweets, dates, other regional cuisines.

More About the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates have quickly become a tourist hotspot in the Middle East, accepting everyone from around the world. Dubai sets itself apart with a number of the world’s tallest or largest structures, along with an over-the-top luxury lifestyle everywhere you look. The capital Abu Dhabi is more laid back and has more cultural sights as well as impressive world class attractions. In between you have deserts, oases, and hidden gems along the shores of the Gulf.


You may have heard of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world at 2,722 feet (830 m) or the Burj Al-Arab, the world’s only 6-star hotel, or the Palm Jumeirah manmade islands. Dubai and the UAE are full of impressive buildings and monuments to entice visitors from around the world.


You can find any type of cuisine in the world in the UAE due to its large diversity, with around 80% of the population being expats. You will find the best eats when looking to sample nearby regional Indian, Syrian, Lebanese, or other similar cuisines.


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