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Portugal 2


Portuguese. English will be understood almost everywhere.

Portugal 3


Euro (EUR). Debit cards and cash are accepted everywhere. Credit cards are accepted at most large stores, though not usually American Express.

Portugal 4

Capital: Lisbon

Largest City: Lisbon

Population: 10.30 million

Portugal 5

Best Known For:

Azulejos, Beautiful beaches, football, pastel de nata, port wine.

Portugal 6


An overall Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers.

Portugal 7

Favorite Eats:

Typical Portuguese food is hearty and filling, but they also have out of this world seafood.  You can’t leave without sampling multiple pastel de nata and sipping some fine port wine.

More About Portugal

Portugal is famous for its warm climate, endless beaches, delicious food, and affordability, making it a popular destination for vacationing Europeans as well as those from afar.

The most popular region is the Algarve coast, where you will find the warmest waters and stunning beaches. The area is known for dramatic seaside cliffs with beaches set below and quaint fishing towns. The capital city, Lisbon, is characterized by its numerous hills, creating a beautiful setting for the neighborhoods and architecture of the city. Not to be outdone, Porto, the second largest city is equally as impressive with an historic center and setting along the river Douro.

The Portuguese countryside is littered with charming small towns, opulent castles and palaces, wine regions, and beautiful natural areas. Portugal is an excellent candidate for a road trip through the countryside. Small town highlights are Coimbra for its medieval center, Sintra for its palaces, and Evora for its Portuguese architecture. Not to be forgotten are the rugged yet beautiful Azores islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, or Madeira further south, known for a year-round summer climate.

Seafood lovers will have the time of their life in Portugal, as the seafood is incredibly fresh, delicious, and very affordable. Wash down your meal with some of Portugal’s famous wines such as port wine, Madeira wine, or any other of the delicious varieties grown here. Lastly, the most well-known Portuguese pastry, the pastel de nata, is a custard tart and worth sampling everywhere you go for the best version.

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