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Primarily Dutch. English will be understood almost everywhere.

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Euro (EUR). Debit cards and cash are accepted everywhere. Credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere, though not usually American Express.

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Capital: Amsterdam

Largest City: Amsterdam

Population: 17.5 million

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Best Known For:

Canals of Amsterdam, bicycle culture, tulip season, windmills, stroopwafels, clogs, and Delft Blue designs.

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A moderate and temperate climate, with rain year-round.

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Favorite Eats:

Don’t leave without sampling traditional stamppot (the National dish), some famous Dutch cheese, stroopwafels, and enjoying one of the many cafes in Amsterdam.

More About the Netherlands

Amsterdam is the shining star of The Netherlands, and seems to get all of the attention. However, for the discerning traveler there is plenty to explore outside of the largest city to take in and enjoy the Dutch culture. From canals to windmills to flower fields, the countryside of the Netherlands is the perfect place to explore on a warm spring day.

Amsterdam itself is also known for its network of canals and millions of bicycles which give the city a very distinct look and feel, unique to itself. When not taking in the beautiful architecture, or walking through hidden alleyways, try out biking or take a canal cruise for a new perspective. If you’re looking for a snack, try a local Dutch beer with a side of Edam or Gouda. If you prefer something sweet, there are  countless coffee shops for a warm drink and a sweet stroopwaffel.

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s major cities, and is not only the capital, but the largest city by far in The Netherlands. Don’t forget about Rotterdam is the second city, and appears more city-like thanks to lots of modern architecture, but it is also laid-back and filled with great dining options. The Hague, is a grand city and also home to the U.N. International Court of Justice, and the administrative center of the country. Ultrecht charms with medieval architecture, and beautiful canals.

The Netherlands should not be left off of your European adventures. It is very well-connected in northern Europe and is full of unique cities and experiences sure to please anyone.


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