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Italy 1


Italian. English will be understood almost everywhere.

Italy 2


Euro (EUR). Debit cards and cash are accepted everywhere. Credit cards are accepted at most large stores, though not usually American Express.

Italy 3

Capital: Rome

Largest City: Rome

Population: 60.32 million

Italy 4

Best Known For:

Pizza, pasta, gelato, and delicious food. Fashion, art, and the opera. Vespas, Ferraris, exuberant hand gestures.

Italy 5


Varied. The north has four seasons and can be cold in winter, while the south has a moderate Mediterranean climate.

Italy 6

Favorite Eats:

Italy could be the world’s best country for food. Passion for food and fresh ingredients is everywhere. Iconic staples are pizza, pasta, risotto, bread, tiramisu, gelato, and coffee, but there is so much more.

More About Italy

Bella Italia! Italy is jam-packed with iconic destinations and regions that you could spend a lifetime exploring this country and never get tired. Italians have a warm and welcoming culture centered around family and food.

In the north, the mountainous Dolomites have breathtaking jagged peaks, and the famous Lago di Como and Lago di Garda, as well as the industrial and fashion capital of Milan, and one of the most famous cities of all, Venice. Venice can become overcrowded with tourists, but is absolutely worth visiting due to it’s endless canals and walkways making it unlike any other city in the world. The rolling hills of Tuscany are where many dreams are situated, with idyllic villages, sprawling vineyards, and warm sunshine. Rome and Florence are extremely popular for good reason, as are the nearby villages of the Amalfi coast. The south of Italy has many laid-back and charming beach towns, and is more off of the typical tourist path. Lastly, the islands of Sardinia and Sicily have just as much to offer in terms of architecture, cuisine, and history.

While touring all of these amazing places in Italy, you will surely work up an appetite. Italy’s most famous foods are carb-heavy and absolutely delicious: pizza, pasta, and risotto, all served up in more variations than you can count. Fresh ingredients are the name of the game, including amazing fresh seafood and vegetables local to Italy. If sweets are more your thing, you can find gelato on every corner, or sit down for some tiramisu, cannoli, panna cotta. Almost all meals are best pared with a fine Italian wine. Let’s not forget about the coffee, which is abundant, delicious, and affordable. Espresso is most popular, and acceptable any time of the day.

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason. There is no need to wait to plan a trip here, and no need to see it all at once. You will definitely be back.

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