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English widely spoken in tourist areas, Spanish required everywhere else.

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Costa Rican Colón (CRC). Credit cards widely accepted, bring USD cash.

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Capital: San José

Largest City: San José

Population: 5.1 million

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Best Known For:

Sloths, cloud rainforests, surfing and adventure sports, coffee, Pura Vida.

Costa Rica 5


Tropical. Wet season May to November, dry season December to April.

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Favorite Eats:

Gallo Pinto, Casado, Arroz con Pollo, and fresh fruit.

More About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular eco-tourism destination in Central America, with the country prioritizing the preservation of its beautiful natural environment. The country is extremely popular with surfers, digital nomads, and anyone seeking adventure in the wild jungles of Central America. The locals are friendly and laid back, owing to their Pura Vida lifestyle; the pursuit of a pure, simple, and happy life.


Surfing on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is extremely popular, with many small surf towns up and down the coast. Not far away is the tropical jungle bursting with exotic birds, animals, and plants. If you’re looking to experience exotic wildlife up close, Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to do so, owing to its preservation of natural habitats and extreme diversity packed into a relatively small country.


Costa Rican cuisine is simple, but well-loved. Gallo Pinto, or rice and beans, can be found practically everywhere, and is often accompanied by some delicious fresh seafood, chicken, or other meats. You’ll find locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables everywhere throughout the country. Of course, don’t forget to try the typical local coffee, made with a chorreador.

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