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English and French. English will be understood and used everywhere, whereas French is primarily only used in the province of Quebec and New Brunswick.

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Canadian Dollar (CAD). Credit and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere and are generally the most common method of payment.

Canada 6

Capital: Ottawa

Largest City: Toronto

Population: 37.6 million

Canada 7

Best Known For:

Ice hockey, maple syrup, the Rocky Mountains, including Banff and Lake Louise, Niagara Falls, Toronto and the CN Tower, and French- speaking Montreal.

Canada 8


Canada is known for its cold winters but it's not any colder than the Northern U.S. states. The summer season is pleasantly warm without being too hot, and Canada also has a true spring and fall.

Canada 9

Favorite Eats:

Maple syrup and poutine are the iconic foods associated with Canada. However, many typically “American” dishes also have deep routes in Canada.

More About Canada

Oh Canada! The Great White North. Canada is an incredibly diverse country in terms of what you can see and do and the welcoming and polite population. Canadian’s are known for saying sorry and “eh”, and will politely remind you that they are not American.

The country is huge (the second largest in the world), spanning 6 time zones, touching 3 oceans, and having the longest international border in the world. Canada also has an immense number of lakes, accounting for 50% of all lakes in the world.

Both the west and east coasts offer delicious seafood and charming towns. The Rocky Mountains form beautiful backdrops for turquoise alpine lakes, and the prairie provinces are the heart of the agricultural industry. Ontario is full of the largest city, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and the capital, Ottawa. French-speaking Quebec provides a taste of Europe, without venturing too far. And who could forget about the rugged North, full of polar bears, incredible scenery, and the midnight sun.

The diversity and size of Canada means that there is something for everyone to find, whether it be vibrant international cities, remote outdoors activities, or anything in between.


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