Belgium Destination Guide



Belgium 3


Primarily French and Dutch. English will be understood almost everywhere.

Belgium 4


Euro (EUR). Debit cards and cash are accepted everywhere. Credit cards are accepted at most large stores, though not usually American Express.

Belgium 5

Capital: Brussels

Largest City: Brussels

Population: 11.49 million

Belgium 6

Best Known For:

Waffles, chocolate, and French fries with mayonnaise. Seat of the European Council and European Parliament, The Adventures of Tintin and Manneken Pis.

Belgium 7


A moderate and temperate climate, with rain year-round.

Belgium 8

Favorite Eats:

Don’t leave without sampling French fries and mayonnaise with some Belgium beer. If you have a sweet tooth, Belgium delivers with delicious chocolate, pralines, and waffles.

More About Belgium

Belgium sometimes gets passed over as one of the less-interesting countries in Northern Europe. It’s hard to keep up when you have Paris and Amsterdam, just hours away on either side, but Brussels delivers with its own charm and Belgium has many beautiful cities and delicious food, perfect for any visitor.

Brussels has some beautiful architecture, and is the perfect size for spending a few days getting lost in the old town. When not sightseeing, sample the national dishes of steak and fries or mussels and fries. If you’re looking for a snack, French fries with mayonnaise or waffles are quintessentially Belgium. Of course, no day is complete without sampling some Belgium chocolate and pralines. You won’t be going hungry in Belgium.

Brussels holds the seat of many international and European Union institutions, making it one of the most important cities in Europe. Outside of Brussels, Bruges is an extremely charming canal-based city, and Ghent and Antwerp also have a lot to offer the discerning visitor. Smaller charming towns further afield are Dinant, Ypres, and Durbuy.

Belgium should not be left off of your European adventures. It is perfectly located in northern Europe and is full of stunning architecture and delicious food to satisfy any discerning traveler.

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