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English widely spoken, as is Dutch, Spanish, and the local Papiamento.

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Aruban Florin (AWG). Credit cards widely accepted, bring USD cash.

Aruba 6

Capital: Oranjestad

Largest City: Oranjestad

Population: 116 thousand

Aruba 7

Best Known For:

Palm Beach, windsurfing and kitesurfing, aloe vera, flamingo island.

Aruba 8


Consistently warm and relatively dry. Constant trade winds year-round. Wet season January to September, dry season October to December.

Aruba 9

Favorite Eats:

Pastechi, Keshi Yena, Pan Bati, and any fresh fish.

More About Aruba

Aruba is popular tourism destination in the south Caribbean, owing to its excellent weather, multitude of activities, safety, and extremely friendly locals. The locals are one of the main reasons that Aruba is known as ‘One Happy Island.’

The white sand of Palm Beach is one of the main draws for most visitors to the island, however if you like adventure, Aruba offers excellent wind and water sports, as well as off-road and ATV driving to explore the undeveloped side of the island. The private Renaissance Island, home to a small flock of flamingoes is another very popular tourist location.

Seafood is prominent in Aruban cuisine due to its island location, but it also has many Dutch influences. A favorite local specialty or snack is the pastechi, a deep-fried pastry often filled with cheese and meat.


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