Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes

Last Updated on October 14, 2023

Colorado is a popular travel destination best known for its rugged landscape, charming mountain towns, and towering mountain peaks. There are few places in the U.S. and truly the world as naturally beautiful as Colorado, which is stunning no matter what time of year you visit. A trip to Colorado is sure to leave you feeling invigorated and inspired, and we’d be surprised if you didn’t leave with a full camera roll, too!

It’s easy to take beautiful pictures of Colorado, but it can be challenging to come up with the perfect caption or quote to share with your Colorado photos on Instagram. We’ve put together this list of the Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes to give you plenty of ideas so you can focus on what really counts: taking more gorgeous photos of Colorado.

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 1

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What Makes Colorado Amazing?

Colorado is often considered to be one of the best states to live in thanks to its balance of a strong job market and economy and plenty of year-round outdoor recreation. There’s truly something for everyone to enjoy in Colorado, whether it be hiking, skiing, horseback-riding, whitewater-rafting, and pretty much any other activity you can think of! Colorado is an amazing travel destination because of its natural beauty and thriving tourism industry that draws visitors from all over the world.

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes

This guide to the top Colorado Instagram captions covers a wide variety of quotes and caption ideas that range from serious to motivational to funny, and everything in between. No matter what kind of Colorado Instagram caption or quote you’re searching for, we promise you can find it here!

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 2

Best Colorado Instagram Captions

While everyone has different opinions on what makes a good Instagram caption, I think we can all agree these are some of the best when it comes to Colorado captions for Instagram!

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 3
  • You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a plane ticket to Colorado which is pretty much the same thing.
  • They say “do what makes you happy,” so I came to Colorado.
  • All you need is love and a little time in the mountains.
  • I’m in a good place right now. Not emotionally, I’m just in Colorado.
  • Home is where the heart is, and my heart is in Colorado.
  • Heaven is a little bit closer in Colorado.
  • My dreams are made of fresh snow and Colorado.
  • Escaping into the mountains of Colorado.
  • You can leave Colorado but Colorado never really leaves you.
  • I think Colorado looks pretty good on me.

Best Colorado Instagram Quotes

If you’d rather share your Colorado photo with an eye-catching quote, you can’t go wrong with one of these top quotes about Colorado.

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 4
  • “Colorado does not shut down. Colorado does not quit. Colorado does not break.” -John Hickenlooper
  • “I’m grateful for anything that brings me back to Colorado.” -Sheryl Lee
  • “Some of the most beautiful and colorful parts of Colorado are found in the clouds above.” -Mike Nelson
  • “The Colorado Plateau is a strange, harsh, but wonderful country, indeed.” -Donald L. Baars
  • “When people think ‘Colorado,’ many of the images that pop into their minds are of majestic mountains, forests, rivers, canyons, and other natural features.” -Nancy S. Greif
  • “A very large part of me would be perfectly happy living on a ranch in Colorado and having babies and chickens and horses.” -Dakota Johnson
  • “I’d never really experienced the West before moving to Colorado…I instantly fell in love with the big open spaces of the West, where you can see not just for a few miles but for a few hundred miles.” -Tyler Hamilton
  • “I think the Colorado Plateau is the most scenic area in the world – let’s begin with that. Not just the United States.” -Stewart Udall
  • “Colorado has always been a good place to find what you’re made of.” -John Hickenlooper
  • “And there in the blue air I saw for the first time, far off, the great snowy tops of the Rocky Mountains. I had to get to Denver at once.” -Jack Kerouac

Best Colorado Quotes from Songs

Colorado has inspired many musicians over to the years to write songs talking about the mountain life. We compiled some of the best Colorado quotes from songs for you to use as Instagram captions.

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 5
  • “Rocky Mountain Way / Is better than the way we had.” -Joe Walsh, “Rocky Mountain Way”
  • “Now he walks in quiet solitude the forests and the streams / Seeking grace in every step he takes / His sight has turned inside himself to try and understand / The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake.” -John Denver, “Rocky Mountain High”
  • “I’m about a mile high in Denver / Where the rock meets timberline.” -Jimmy Buffett, “A Mile High in Denver”
  • “My home is Colorado / With their proud mountains tall / Where the rivers like gypsies / Down her black canyons fall.” -Townes Van Zandt, “My Proud Mountains”
  • “And I think I know my place, Colorado, I wanna come home.” -The Flying Burrito Brothers, “Colorado”
  • “Tis the land where the columbines grow / Overlooking the plains far below / While the cool summer breeze in the evergreen trees / Softly sings where the columbines grow.” – “Where the Columbines Grow”
  • “I need a castle in the air / Like the Crystal Colorado, you take me there.” -Alpha Rev, “Crystal Colorado”
  • “He thinks of Colorado and the girl he left behind.” -Zac Bryan, “Colder Weather”
  • “The bright lights of Denver are shinin’ like diamonds / Like ten thousand jewels in the sky.” -Willie Nelson, “Denver”
  • “So lucky old Colorado / You’ve got the girl of my dreams / She love you, Colorado / More than she’ll ever love me.” -Merle Haggard, “Lucky Old Colorado”

Colorado Living Instagram Captions

A visit to Colorado makes it easy to see why so many people choose to relocate to the state, and you might find yourself wanting to make the move as well! These Colorado living Instagram captions encapsulate all the best parts of calling Colorado home.
Colorado is also home to a ton of gorgeous lakes, so make sure to read our list of the 110 Best Lake Instagram Captions and Quotes as well for even more ideas.

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 6
  • Living the high life.
  • Above the mountains, beneath the stars.
  • Today’s forecast: 100% chance of mountains.
  • Life is beautiful when you’re in Colorado.
  • Colorado will be my home someday.
  • It’s a privilege to live in Colorado.
  • No matter how far I travel, my soul lives in Colorado.
  • You haven’t truly lived until you’ve been to Colorado.
  • Colorado is my happy place.
  • A bad day in Colorado is better than a good day anywhere else.

Motivational Colorado Instagram Captions

It’s hard not to get motivated during a trip to Colorado, whether it’s learning a new skill, like skiing or snowboarding, or accomplishing a goal, like summiting your first mountain. Pair your Colorado photos with one of these motivational Colorado Instagram captions to get your followers motivated as well.

  • Colorado makes me feel alive.
  • There’s never such a thing as too much fresh air.
  • Colorado fills my spirit.
  • A trip to Colorado can heal all wounds.
  • Advice from Colorado: be colorful and spend time outdoors.
  • Whatever you need, you can find it in Colorado.
  • The mountains of Colorado remind you how small you and your problems are.
  • You never forget your first trip to Colorado.
  • Colorado is known for the things we only dream of.
  • Colorado is a small piece of heaven on earth.

Best Denver Instagram Captions

Denver is the capital city of Colorado, and one of the most popular destinations in the state. Pay homage to the Mile High City with one of these Denver Instagram captions.

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 7
  • Why would I ever leave Denver?
  • Denver will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Either you love Denver, or you’re wrong.
  • Follow your heart, even if it takes you all the way to Denver.
  • Denver, you are beautiful.
  • Got my cowboy hat and boots, all ready for my trip to Denver.
  • Who doesn’t love Denver?
  • The Mile High City.
  • Denver is hard to beat.
  • There’s no city quite like Denver.

Funny Colorado Puns and Captions for Instagram

One great way to help your Colorado photos stand out from the crowd is by pairing them with a funny pun or joke that gets your followers laughing. These are some of our favorite Colorado puns and funny captions for Instagram.

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 8
  • Every once in a while, it’s important to adjust your altitude.
  • Don’t go Breckenridge my heart.
  • We’ll be at the Rocky Mountains in snow time.
  • Cry me a (Colorado) river.
  • The Rocky Mountains are all the range.
  • In Colorado they say ice to meet you.
  • Colorado? More like Colo-RAD-o.
  • The world is your (Rocky Mountain) oyster.
  • Once upon a Dream Lake.
  • Colorado, I lake you a lot!

Short Colorado Captions for Instagram

With a place as beautiful as Colorado, you don’t need to do a lot of talking to make a huge impact. Practice the principle of “less is more” with one of these short Colorado captions for Instagram.

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 9
  • If lost, return to Colorado.
  • Off on a Colorado adventure.
  • Take me back to Colorado.
  • I left my heart in Colorado.
  • I’ve never met a mountain I didn’t like.
  • I’d rather be in Colorado.
  • Colorado officially has my heart.
  • Home is where the mountains are.
  • BRB, catching a flight to Colorado.
  • Making memories in Colorado.

Short Colorado Quotes for Instagram

If you want to keep your Colorado Instagram captions simple but prefer to let someone else do the talking, try using a short Colorado quote for Instagram.

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 10
  • “Colorado is an oasis, an otherworldly place.” -Brandi Carlile
  • “Colorado is known for many great things.” -John Hickenlooper
  • “People in Colorado are resilient.” -Phil Heath
  • “There’s a sense of family in Colorado.” -Ivan Moody
  • “Denver is home to me.” -Carmelo Anthony
  • “Colorado’s majestic landscapes are one of our most valuable assets.” -Michael Bennet
  • “If you like the outdoors, Colorado is a big adventure playground for adults.” -Tyler Hamilton
  • “There can be nothing in the world more beautiful than…the Canyon of the Colorado.” -Theodore Roosevelt
  • “I’m a nature girl. I grew up in Colorado and was always outside.” -Kate Hudson
  • “I care a lot about Colorado.” -Hillary Clinton

One Word Colorado Instagram Captions

While there’s a lot to be said about how beautiful Colorado is, sometimes just one word is all you need. These are some of our favorite words to use as Colorado captions for Instagram.

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 11
  • Adventuring
  • Wanderlust
  • Mountains
  • Unreal
  • Gorgeous
  • Evergreen
  • Explore
  • Wild
  • Beautiful
  • Free

Two Word Colorado Instagram Captions

One of our favorite ways to challenge ourselves creatively is by coming up with two-word Instagram captions. When it comes to Colorado, these are some of our favorite two-word phrases that make great captions for Instagram.

  • Destination: Colorado
  • Colorado dreamin’
  • Colorful Colorado
  • Stay curious
  • Always wandering
  • Mile high
  • Travel far
  • Colorado skies
  • Exploring Colorado
  • Centennial State

Three Word Colorado Instagram Captions

Feel like you’re coming up short with a one or two-word Colorado caption for Instagram? These three-word Colorado Instagram captions are short, sweet, and sure to impress!

Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes 12
  • Colorado, I’m yours
  • Mile high dreamin’
  • Made in Colorado
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • Greetings from Colorado
  • Meanwhile, in Colorado…
  • Young, wild, free
  • Never stop exploring
  • Young at heart
  • Today’s destination: Colorado

Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes

We hope this guide to the Top 120 Colorado Instagram Captions and Quotes is a helpful resource as you plan to share your photos on Instagram! Captioning photos for Instagram can often be a bit of a drag, so we wanted to help make your life easier by compiling a wide variety of quotes and caption ideas for you to use with your Colorado photos. Need even more inspiration? Make sure to check out our list of the 365 Best Travel Captions for Instagram. Remember to save this list so you can return to it time and again, and let us know your favorite Colorado Instagram caption or quote in the comments!

Instagram Captions for Colorado
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