Cloudy Days in Phuket, Thailand

We arrived late in the evening (you can find a review of our itinerary here) and were greeted by equal parts of rain and humidity. The drive along the winding roads from the airport to our hotel near Patong Beach seemed to take forever! Phuket Island is the largest island in Thailand and a very popular tourist destination. The main beach areas are Patong and Karon on the western side, with a number of other smaller beach areas throughout the island.


We like to think there is a difference between travelling and taking a vacation, and these two days were a rare planned vacation for us. We decided to stay at the U Zenmaya Phuket, a hotel just outside of the party-centric core. The hotel offers the most incredible views and pool area - perfect for our relaxing trip.


Coffee, juice, and pastries at U Zenmaya Hotel Phuket, overlooking a cloudy bay


We awoke to a bit more rain and a lot of clouds – not exactly what we had envisioned when booking the trip looking at white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and blue skies. Our worries about the weather were partially put at ease though once we saw the breakfast buffet. No better way to start the day than to stuff yourself until you can’t move anymore!


Pastries at breakfast buffet at U Zenmaya Phuket hotel


Breakfast buffet at U Zenmaya hotel


After our initial cup of coffee, we both filled our plates and enjoyed having breakfast with an incredible view over the bay.


Thai cuisine and different fruit juices at U Zenmaya hotel overlooking the bay


Our hotel offered a shuttle into the city, but we decided to opt for the 45-minute walk and explore along the way.


View of Patong Beach Phuket Thailand


Gasoline stand in Phuket Thailand


We spent the afternoon wandering through the streets and shops, and stopped at a café for some air conditioning and a caffeine injection.


The colourful streets of Patong Beach


We soon located the main Banzaan fresh market area which contained an incredible amount and variety of food.


Busy Banzaan market area at night in Phuket, Thailand


They sold everything from a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables ...


Fruit selection at Banzaan fresh market in Phuket, Thailand


Passion fruit selection at Banzaan fresh market, Phuket, Thailand


To fresh fish and seafood ...


Seafood selection at Banzaan fresh market in Phuket, Thailand


To some of my favourite Thai noodles dishes and meat skewers, all made fresh before your eyes ...


Fried thai noodles selection at Banzaan fresh market in Phuket, Thailand


Thai dishes at Banzaan fresh market in Phuket, Thailand


Meat skewers selection at Banzaan fresh market in Phuket, Thailand


All the way to insects. Bettina was of course fascinated by all the food choices, and couldn’t resist some tasty appetizers.


Magots, crickets, and other insects selection at Banzaan fresh market in Phuket, Thailand


Bettina eating fried crickets with skewers at Banzaan fresh market in Phuket, Thailand


Fried cricket on a skewer at Banzaan fresh market in Phuket, Thailand


The crickets were apparently quite tasty, especially when paired with the freshly squeezed lemon juice and a bit of salt, though you will have to take her word for it as I certainly didn’t try any.


The town really came alive at night. When walking down the main Bangla Road, you can’t help but equate this to the Las Vegas of Asia. There were bars and clubs everywhere, playing loud music and each offering some special deal to get you in the door. We later learned that Patong is considered one of the party capitals of Asia, so our assessment was quite accurate!


Busy nightlife at Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand


There was a lot of noise, a lot of people, and a lot going on. We must be getting old, as we left this area pretty quick – not our idea of a relaxing vacation!


We settled on a fairly out of the way restaurant and happily finished our plates, as we are both huge fans of Thai curry, Green and Yellow, respectively.


Bettina eating green curry at Patong Beach in Phuket Thailand


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Kyle eating yellow curry at Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand


We enjoyed walking around the chaotic streets for just a little bit longer before heading back to the hotel.


We were only in Phuket for two days, so we were pretty happy when the sun decided to make an appearance for the second day, our pool day!


Bettina sitting at the infinity pool at U Zenmaya hotel in Phuket, wearing a beach hat


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It was warm with our without the sun, so there were no complaints lounging around the infinity pool all morning, complete with some pina coladas before noon – no judgment please.


Bettina holding a Pina Colada at the infinity pool at U Zenmaya hotel in Phuket, Thailand


Bettina sitting at the infinity pool with view of the bay, holding a Pina Colada and holding her hat, U Zenmaya hotel, Phuket, Thailand


The views only improved as the skies opened up.


Two sun chairs and view of the infinity pool and the bay at U Zenmaya hotel in Phuket, Thailand


Bettina suntanning at the infinity pool at U Zenmaya hotel, Phuket, Thailand


Kyle at the infinity pool of the U Zenmaya hotel in Phuket, Thailand


View from the pool area of the U Zenmaya hotel, Phuket, Thailand


Despite the weather overall not being that great for a beach-type vacation, we really enjoyed our two days in Thailand. We will most definitely be back to explore more of the country and eat as much food as humanly possible! Do you have any recommendations on where in Thailand we should go next?



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