Cayman Islands

Kyle and I decided a while back that the best presents aren’t things (even though I never have an issue with expanding my fast growing purse, shoes, clothes, you name it, collection) but experiences, which to Kyle means trips. So for my birthday this year, Kyle decided to book a surprise weekend getaway. This was his second year in a row trying to plan a surprise birthday trip after the last one was spoiled by a overly talkative friend of ours. Even though this time Kyle didn’t tell anyone where we were going, the surprise was foiled when Southwest Airlines decided to send me an email to ensure I was prepared for my trip!

Knowing where we were headed, packing got a lot easier and I was of course super excited that we would finally head to a beach destination where I could relax and do nothing for a full weekend. People who know us (more so Kyle than me) or have traveled with us, know that our itineraries are always jam packed as we try to maximize our time as much as we can. Little did I know that we were also there to catch up with some of Kyle's friends from Vancouver, M&M.

Our flight from Chicago Midway via Ft. Lauderdale to Georgetown, Grand Cayman, provided some amazing views of the Caribbean islands.

Cayman Islands 8

Cayman Islands 9

Upon a slightly stormy arrival in Georgetown, we were greeted with live music, a very short immigration line, and so much humidity that my hair decided to go wild. (Of course Kyle didn’t notice a difference.)

Once we arrived, we decided to get right down to business, aka scouting out the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa grounds, which is where our friend works. The resort is right on Seven Mile Beach and despite the stormy skies, didn't cease to impress.


Cayman Islands 10

Cayman Islands 11

Who wouldn't want to watch the storms go by in these comfy chairs?

Cayman Islands 12

After the storm cleared up, we couldn’t wait any longer, threw on our latest beach collection, grabbed a drink or two or three, and headed back to Seven Mile Beach where we watched the sunset, chatted with friends, and relaxed (*ahem* in my case splashing around).

Cayman Islands 13 Cayman Islands 14

Cayman Islands 15

Cayman Islands 16

The water was so warm we stayed here almost all night.

Cayman Islands 17

Feeling the effect of the evening sun (and for some the drinks), we left the beach to scout out a place for dinner. Our friends had suggested a few local places, including Al La Kebab, which, for those who know my love of Kebab, was the obvious choice. I enjoyed a Peanut Satay Chicken Schwarma (I also have a love for everything peanut) and Kyle decided to have something with a local flare with a Jerk Mayo Chicken Schwarma. Unfortunately, *someone* was too busy trying not to rub peanut sauce all over her dress (and of course failing miserably) to take a picture of the food or the cute Al La Kebab stand. You just have to trust me when I say it was amazing!

We were officially hooked on island life.


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