Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada

As some of you know, we went back to Canada to celebrate Christmas with family. After a wonderful holiday season with way too much food, we decided to celebrate the last day of 2017 *drum roll* - with more food! Given my love of sleeping, breakfast wasn't to be - and so brunch it was!

I found possibly the cutest little restaurant in Fort Langley which looks remarkably similar to my dream house - shabby chic, lots of light, lots of white. To enter the restaurant, we first walked through a boutique which leads to the black and white tile room with mirrored tables.

Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 11
Following the mirrored tables is a kitchen bar area with yummy desserts on display and a large and beautiful Christmas tree which made my heart skip a beat!

Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 12


Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 13


Off to the right, we headed into the French shabby chic barn room with a classic chandelier that mentally transports you to the French countryside.


Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 14


Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 15


We caught a glimpse of yet another dreamy room which I would call the Swiss Chalet room - walls out of wood panels and the decoration white as snow. I'm so taken by this Little White House, I could move in right away!


Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 16


Completely in love with this place within the first 10 seconds, I couldn't wait to have a look at the menu and discovered that they offered a wide selection of coffees and teas, together with French-inspired brunch items. Like every good morning, I started with a delicious latte.


Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 17


The first thing that jumped out at me on the menu was a description of their high tea spread! Who could resist having a proper high tea in a setting that transports you right back to a charming European farmhouse!?

We decided to reserve high tea for another day and instead ordered everything from eggs and bacon to soup, salad, and crepes - and it was all delicious!


Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 18


If you think about going, make sure you make a reservation as they don't have a lot of tables and the Little White House was (unsurprisingly) busy with food lovers and fellow Instagrammers looking for their next hip place to write about.


We decided to walk off our plentiful breakfast and enjoy the crisp winter air together with the last rays of sun in 2017.

We visited the local cranberry store where everything is cranberry - jam, pies, salsa, hot sauce, everything ...

(I'm wearing my new coat from Ever New which I love! They are currently only in Canada but their parent company Forever New ships to the U.S.)


Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 19


Admired more Christmas decorations ...


Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 20


And did some reflective pondering - and window shopping - in the final hours of 2017.


Brunch in Fort Langley, Canada 21


The perfect end to 2017!


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