Annapolis, Maryland, Dover, Delaware, Cape May and Atlantic City, New Jersey

In a desperate attempt to extend summer and escape the dwindling temperatures in Chicago, we were once again off for the weekend. People who know us know that our goal is to visit all 50 States. In order to check some off our list, and because it had been too long since our last road trip, Kyle put together an itinerary to explore the East Coast.

After delays on delays and a relatively short flight, we arrived in Annapolis way past our bedtime and headed straight to bed. Well rested and starving, we left the hotel the next morning, slightly behind schedule, as always, to find breakfast. Kyle did some research and found Miss Shirley’s Cafe which was featured on Triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives). I was especially thrilled to see that they had an extensive Bloody Mary menu, perfect for a Saturday brunch. I ordered the Born On The Bay-O Bloody Mary while waiting for the food. It was topped with shrimp, ham, sausage, pickled okra, tomato, and cheddar – the flavour matched the over the top presentation!

Kyle couldn't resist the promise of the best breakfast sandwich in America (Southern Slammer Sandwich) while I picked a lighter choice which was also delicious.

After hopelessly stuffing ourselves, we decided to walk it off while exploring the quaint seaside town. Annapolis is one of those old American towns with so much charm, all you want to do is explore the cobblestone streets and take pictures of every colourful door. The harbour area is full of life, hosting one restaurant after another and a suspiciously high concentration of ice cream places.

We walked up towards the State House and were mesmerized by the unique architecture and character of each individual house. I was particularly taken by the beautiful detail of the doorknobs and lanterns. I found my dream house which was painted turquoise and fittingly enough was the home of a jewelry store.

The State House was not too shabby either with its majestic stairs leading up to the main entrance. The inside made us feel like we travelled back through the centuries with the colourful carpets, wallpapers, and ceiling decorations. The section of the State House which is open to the public is small but well worth a visit.

We would have loved to stay in Annapolis longer but were a bit pressed for time as we wanted to drive to Cape May, New Jersey (a 195 mile drive) and enjoy the beach before sunset. We stopped in Dover, Delaware for a quick stroll and were again impressed with the charm of old America. As I always say, it looks just like in the movies!

We drove through beautiful tree-covered streets, across bridges, and raced against time as sunset was fast approaching. Just as we thought we wouldn’t make it to Cape May in time, we hit the Atlantic Ocean!

It was a beautiful evening on the beach and we even dipped our toes in the cold ocean water.

We strolled through Cape May when I found my dream house (I hope the turquoise house in Annapolis won’t mind). It’s pastel pink and has little lights all around it! It looked like it was straight out of a fairy tale. Who could possibly resist this? (This is obviously a rhetorical question as Kyle really doesn’t share my love for all things pastel.)

Our last and by that time very late stop was Atlantic City. We drove up the New Jersey coast and saw the sparking lights of the big city from far away. What a beautiful sight at night! We went for a quick walk on the board walk but it was suddenly quite fresh and windy so we had to bundle up. Given the lack of space in my carry-on (and possibly the poor outfit planning), I had to borrow one of Kyle’s hoodies to stay warm, which was large enough to be a dress.

Atlantic City isn't really our scene, so we can say we saw it, but didn't spend too long. Next was the last leg of the day to our final stop, and fourth state that day – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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