What Is A Micro Trip?

What Is A Micro Trip?



Micro Trips are by far our favorite way of traveling and seeing the world. Our craving for fast travel has nothing to do with not wanting to “truly experience” a place or explore a culture, but it has everything to do with our careers in finance and us not being able to take a lot of vacation days to see the world. Instead of giving up about travel altogether, we decided to use every weekend, holiday, and long weekend we had, to go places. And no trips are too far to go to for a weekend. One of my favorites to date is our weekend in Paris – leaving the office on Friday evening and waking up in the city of love on Saturday.


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Our goal on The Next Trip is to share with you how you can see more of the world even if you don’t have a lot of vacation days. Here, we share all of our micro travel tips with you and destination guides, so that you can make the most of the time at your destination.

Since Micro Trips are a relatively recent travel trend, we are answering the most common questions below!


What is a Micro Trip?


Micro trips, just like weekend getaways or quick trips, are short getaways designed to maximize the amount of time you spend at your destination, getting the most out of being away from home. Micro trips are usually just a couple of days, but can be roadtrips nearby or jetting halfway across the world. They are the best way to travel to avoid or minimize taking time off from work.


How to Plan a Micro Trip?


So you want to get away and make the most out of your weekends. But where do you even start planning your micro trip? The key to a successful micro trip is favorable flight times. Looking for flights is the first step when planning your micro trip. The 3 most common short getaways are:

 1. A short-distance flight. Leave work on Friday evening and arrive at your destination that night, leaving you with all of Saturday and Sunday to explore your destination before you head back home Sunday night or Monday morning.

2. Flying West to “gain time” and land at the same time you left. How great would it be to leave the office at 5pm and land at 5pm local time? You have your entire Friday evening and weekend to explore.

3. Overnight Flights East, wake up in a new city the next day. What if you left Chicago on Friday night and woke up in Paris on Saturday, ready for a coffee and chocolate croissant? This sounds like a dream to me as well! Flying East means you can fly over night and wake up at your new destination with a full day ahead of you.


Pros and Cons of Fast Travel or Quick Trips


Whenever someone asks us why we flew to Europe for only 3 days, our response is always that 3 days is better than no days! We believe that far too many people are missing out on life’s experiences by waiting until they have ‘enough time’ to visit their dream destination. There are many more reasons why we love micro trips/fast travel. We also understand that it is not made for everyone and can be exhausting at times, so we decided to put together a pros and cons list for you to decide whether this is for you.

Pros of Micro Trips

• See more of the world in less time! As 2 days in a new city or on the beach is better than no days!
• Get a break from your everyday life.
• NO JET LAG – 2-3 days are generally not enough to get used to a new time zone.
• No need to take time off / vacation days.
• Micro trips are generally cheaper in total as you are gone for less days and you would eat out less often than on a longer trip in total.
• You will have the best coffee break stories on Monday morning of what you did on the weekend – we promise!

Cons of Micro Trips

• You might be running low on sleep and high on coffee.
• You have to prioritize as you might not be able to see everything your destination has to offer – but you can still see a lot.
• If something goes wrong – bad traffic, flight delays, or the weather is not perfect – you may not be able to make up for lost time.
• You will likely walk a lot.
• It can be exhausting to always be on the go – although if you chose a micro beach trip, it might not be. 🙂

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