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We are Bettina and Kyle and together we have traveled to 59 countries and have visited all 50 states in the U.S.! We both started traveling at a young age and love visiting new countries, immersing ourselves into different cultures, and trying local specialties all over the world. With our vast travel experience, our mission is to provide you with all the tips, tricks and destination guides to make the most out of your next trip! 

Life is short and can easily become very busy with never-ending to do lists! Especially if you have a career in corporate America. We want to show you that even with a full -time job and busy everyday life, there is always room for a little adventure. On The Next Trip we help you plan your next trip with our travel tips and destination guides, and are also here to help you master the world of Instagram.

We hope our destination guides and photos help to ignite your wanderlust and plan your next trip!


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Social Media Expertise


The Next Trip Instagram Feed

In addition to sharing our travel knowledge and expertise on the blog, we have also been sharing our adventures on Instagram.

In the first half of 2021, we have been able to grow The Next Trip Instagram account from just below 40,000 followers to over 110,000 followers organically with an industry-high engagement rate!

Through Instagram, we have had the privilege to work with numerous hotels and tourism boards around the world, and collaborate with our favorite brands to create content for and promote their products and services.

We want to help you to do exactly the same we did and are sharing all of our tips and tricks on how to get there! On the Instagram Tips section of the blog, we share all our tips on how to grow organically on Instagram, how to create epic content, and what to do if you are action blocked.

We are also the co-founders of the rapidly growing Girls Twirl the World feature Instagram account.


Our Story


Our story began on a cold and snowy day in Helsinki, Finland, where we both studied at the time. We (Kyle, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, and Bettina, born and raised in Bern, Switzerland) decided to give the long-distance relationship a go after our semester abroad. After many cross-Atlantic flights (we were both Air Canada's best customers), Bettina decided to move to Vancouver, only to convince Kyle two years later to move to Chicago to work in the finance industry.


After living there and exploring the city for almost 5 years, we decided to follow our dreams, leave our jobs and Chicago, and embark on our next trip to discover the world. Without kids, pets, or anything else that would tie us down, we decided 2019 is the year for us to start our own adventure. After all, life is short! Read more about what inspired us and what our plans are or take a peak at what we are up to right now on our Instagram stories.


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"We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us." - Anonymous

Need Tips and Have Questions?


We are excited to have you here and hope we can inspire you to travel and see more in your valuable time and help you inspire your next trip.

We would love to hear what your next trip is! Drop us a line on social media, leave a comment, or send us an email and let us know if you need any tips or have any questions!


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