3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware

We found the perfect café and winter brunch spot in Chicago!

The food is outstanding, the atmosphere very chic, and you are seated amongst live trees and plants dotted throughout the courtyard. Did I mention the fountain and chandelier?


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 8


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 9


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 10


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 11


Kyle and I decided to have a pre-Valentine’s Day brunch at a place which I stumbled across on Instagram. (Thank you @insta_chicago) It’s a café in the courtyard of the Chicago Gold Coast Restoration Hardware store. Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago, the café seems to be one of those hidden gems – only that it’s not very hidden.

They don’t take reservations so we decided to arrive close to opening given that it was Sunday morning. We arrived only 15 minutes past opening time and the wait was already 1.5 hours. Most people would turn around at the mention of at least 1.5 hours until eating, especially if you're already hungry, but we thought it would be a good opportunity to stroll around the store.


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 12


5 levels filled with different styles of furniture and home décor. I was melting away.


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 13

(I'm wearing my favorite over the knee boots and purse from this post. The boots are sold out but I linked similar ones below. My polka dots flare dress is from Forever New. They don't have any stores in the U.S. but ship from Australia.)

Shop my look:

3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 14


Our wait paid off as we were seated right by the fountain in the centre of the courtyard.

Of course,  we had to start off our pre-Valentine’s Day celebration with two glasses of sparkling…


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 15


Closely followed by the all-star Delice de Bourgogne cheese plate with oven-fresh bread.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 16


Needless to say that I polished off all the roasted pecans before breakfast.


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 17


We couldn’t leave without trying their amazing fries with aioli – very much worth overeating for.


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 18


Having eaten way too much as always, we left without dessert but very happy to have found another great brunch spot in Chicago to take family and friends to whenever they are in town.


3 Arts Café, Restoration Hardware 19



If you decide to grab a bite at 3 Arts Café, make sure you arrive early or on a weekday to avoid long wait times. For those who struggle to get out of bed early enough, there are plenty of things to do and see in the Restoration Hardware store while you’re waiting for your table. It’s well worth the wait.


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  1. Nice post! Great review and photos. It’s a fun place for sure.

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